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Speakers Bio – Ken Kupfer, KM AntPro LLC

About Ken Kupfer  Ken Kupfer - Km AntPro LLC A proactive advocate of ecologically sustainable agriculture, Ken is an environmental pest management systems developer and operating partner of KM Agrico and Ant Pro LLCs, since 2001. Ken and his partner Bob, Robert McManus are coinventors of the KM AntPro Insect Control System. Beginning in 2005 [...]

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How to Get Rid of Norway Rats

How To Get Rid of Norway Rats?  Norway rats, Roof Rats, Field Rats - how do you know the difference and does it really matter?  Rats all think alike, and will eat the same things.  Norway rats - also known as "Ground Rats" are not much different.  We will show you how to get rid of Norway [...]

Carpet Beetles – How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

Get rid of Carpet Beetles that are damaging your clothes fabrics, carpets or upholstery! Four species of Carpet Beetles are most common: The Black Carpet Beetle, Varied Carpet Beetle, Common Carpet Beetle, and Furniture Carpet Beetle. Together, this group of beetles is more destructive to fabric than Clothes Moths. CARPET BEETLE IDENTIFICATION To [...]

Ghost Ants – Get Rid of Ghost Ants

Ghost Ants are tiny but not invisible and not ghostly at all.  Their translucent legs, thorax and antennae make them hard to see.  Like their cousin the Odorous house ant, they smell when crushed.  If Ghost ants are spooking up your home or business, we'll show you how to make them go away..... Identification Ghost [...]

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EZ Klean RBS1 Rodent Bait Station

Controlling rat and mice infestations should not be difficult. Make rodent control easy with the EZ Klean RBS1 Rodent Bait Station. The low profile design makes it EZ to place them around homes, buildings, restaurants and other rodent hangouts.  It's also available in 3 colors to match any environment.... Make Rodent Control Easy [...]

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