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Speakers Bio – Ken Kupfer, KM AntPro LLC

About Ken Kupfer 

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Ken Kupfer – Km AntPro LLC

A proactive advocate of ecologically sustainable agriculture, Ken is an environmental pest management systems developer and operating partner of KM Agrico and Ant Pro LLCs, since 2001. Ken and his partner Bob, Robert McManus are coinventors of the KM AntPro Insect Control System.

Beginning in 2005 University California Riverside Department of Entomology researchers began a series of USDA-CSREES sponsored research studies with AntPro®. The first project to be carried out was in organic citrus. The purpose of the study was to destroy hundreds of millions of supercolony Argentine ants per acre to the extent they could not effectively protect food crop damaging, disease-carrying plant piercing and sucking insects. “Ants farm and protect in exchange for their honeydew”.

The research study proved exceptionally successful with targeted ant populations reduced by 50% within the first week and over 80% by week three, accomplished without insecticidal contact to trees, fruit and grove surfaces. Ken was invited and participated as a co-researcher in four additional UCR biorational AntPro based research projects and delivered a talk at the 2007 Entomology Society of America annual meeting in Portland Oregon as a citizen scientist participating research member of the UCR team. He went on to collaborate with Dr. John Klotz as one of four contributing co-authors of a book titled Urban Pest Management of Ants in California, a University of California Agriculture Natural Resources Publication.

KM AntPro Liquid Bait Dispenser

KM AntPro Liquid Bait Dispenser

Ken and his partner Bob ‘Robert McManus continue to work directly with growers, universities and research institutions. As well as actively providing KM AntPro technology and capability to manipulate social insect behavior while protecting ecologically sensitive endangered wildlife and conservation sites. Two current high priority’ sites include the Jacksonville Florida Zoo & Gardens, invaded by billions of Tawny crazy ants, and UNESCO World Heritage Seychelle island’s Black parrot and ancient Coco de Mer palm forest, from Yellow crazy ants.

Ken and Bob have developed additional target specific biological and biorational methods and systems for various problematic insect species. The most recent patented in 2016, capable of manipulating and attracting various targeted insects, two examples are “mosquitoes and Asian citrus psyllid adults,” by utilizing various subject specific biological cues and other targeted insect species related forms of communication and attraction.

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