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Bird-X Stainless Spikes

Bird X Stainless Spikes


Bird-X Stainless Spikes

Width / Style:

Bird-X Stainless Spikes

Made especially for ledges, signs and other areas where pigeons, sparrows, starlings and other nuisance birds roost !

Lightweight UV resistant plastic base and metal stainless spikes make Bird-X an effective economical long-term solution to your bird problems. Simply snap off to length desired or place end to end for long ledges. Can also be placed side-by-side for wider ledges. Can be placed inside of letters on signs where birds roost. Use screws, liquid nails or construction adhesive to secure. Measure to determine how many feet of Bird-X Stainless Spikes you will need.

Bird-X Stainless Spikes Features:
* Flexible - Fits Your Situation - Bendable base mounts flat, or on concave or convex curves. Install right side up, upside down or on any angle.
* Long Term & Environmentally-Friendly - Heavy duty stainless steel prongs plus long-life polycarbonate base combine affordability and effectiveness.
* Easy-To-Use - Strips come pre-assembled (no extra labor). Each strip "locks" with the next for a seamless fit. Strips snap to the inch for precise measurement and no wasted material. Attach with adhesive, nails, screws, wire or more.

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Bird-X Stainless Spikes Specifications:
Narrow Spikes:
* Width - 2.5" (3" coverage)
* Height - 4.3"
* Base width - 1.69"

Regular Spikes:
* Width - 4.5" (5" coverage)
* Height - 4.3"
* Base width - 1.69"

Extra Wide Spikes:
* Width - 7.5" (8" coverage)
* Height - 4.3"
* Base width - 1.69"

Extra Tall Spikes:
* Width - 8.5" (9" coverage)
* Height - 5.75"
* Base width - 1.69"

Sold in 2 feet sections

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