PBO-8 Technical Piperonyl Butoxide

PBO-8 Technical Piperonyl Butoxide
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PBO-8 Technical Piperonyl Butoxide

A little PBO-8 Technical Piperonyl Butoxide goes a LONG way in fact, one pint of PBO 8 can be mixed with water and pyrethrin solution to make 55 GALLONS!

Technical Piperonyl Butoxide for fly & mosquito fogging is not an insecticide, but used in combination with pyrethrum and synergizes pyrethrum for a better kill. Do not use alone or without pyrethrum. PBO-8 will prolong the usefulness of insecticides by overcoming MFO (mixed-function oxidases) resistance. Improved control means fewer applications, thus providing cost savings as well as environmental benefits.

PBO-8 Technical Piperonyl Butoxide - Features:
* Synergizes many insecticides, pyrethrins, pyrethroids, carbamates, imidichloprid, and rotenones
* Because of the mode of action, it allows use of reduced rates of insecticides.
* Can be used as a spray, fogging or misting.
* Poses low risk to humans and environment.
* Excellent resistance management tool

PBO-8 Technical Piperonyl Butoxide - Uses / Applications:
Use in warehouses, homes, livestock housing facilities, milking parlors, poultry houses and residential yards, and other residential, commercial, and animal buildings or Housings.

* Always use full rates of insecticides. Use of reduced rates contributes to more rapid resistance development
* Apply in lower carrier volumes to ensure optimum concentration
* Rotate pyrethroid chemistries every three to five applications
* Do not apply insecticides in tank mixes with disinfectants, as insecticide performance may be reduced

Tank-Mix: PBO-8 can be added to your favorite insecticide to help extend its life by combating resistance issues and restoring efficacy in resistant populations.

Application: PBO-8 can be applied through mechanical, aerosol or ULV generators as well as thermal fogging equipment and non-thermal (cold fog) or spray equipment.

Used as an additive with insecticides to increase pesticide activity and reduce pesticide resistance. Recommended dosage is 1 pint to 1 quart per 55 gallons of water.

PBO-8 Technical Piperonyl Butoxide - Target Pests:
Bedbugs, cockroaches, flies and mosquitos

Not for sale in New York.
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Prentox PBO-8 Technical Piperonyl Butoxide Brochure

PBO-8 Technical Piperonyl Butoxide - Active Ingredient:
Piperonyl Butoxide, Technical*...........91.3%

PBO-8 Technical Piperonyl Butoxide - EPA Reg. No. 655-736

PBO-8 Technical Piperonyl Butoxide - Size: 1 pint (16 oz)
PBO-8 Technical Piperonyl Butoxide - Category: Used with Insecticides for Quicker Kill of Flies & Mosquitoes
PBO-8 Technical Piperonyl Butoxide - Features: Prentox

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