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Bird-X Prowler Owl

Bird X Prowler Owl


Bird-X Prowler Owl

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  • Single (1) Bird-X Prowler Owl - $57.95 each
  • Buy (2) Bird-X Prowler Owls - $55.05 each
  • Buy (3) Bird-X Prowler Owls - $53.31 each
  • Case (6) Bird-X Prowler Owls - $52.15 each

Bird-X Prowler Owl

Don't be fooled by imitations that just "sit" there - without movement they're useless ! Scare pest birds away "naturally" !

Bird-X Prowler Owl Benefits:
*SEARCH AND DESTROY - Its mission - to rid your area of bothersome birds.
*ON THE HUNT - Always moving "hunting" posture, never perching, so birds can't get used to it.
*LIFE LIKE & EFFECTIVE - Most realistic predator on the market with life size accurate markings. Spanning nearly 4 feet with patented flapping wings.
*ULTIMATE AERIAL PREDATOR - Great Horned Owl: the most-feared predator catches and eats almost anything that moves, including pigeons, starlings, geese, rodents, rabbits, squirrels and even skunks.

Bird-X Prowler Owl Uses / Applications:
*TIRELESS - Perfect patrol for gardens, parks, golf courses, marinas, rooftops and open areas. Set it up anywhere -- the breeze and its natural appearance take care of the rest!

Buy 5 or more and Save $25.00 !

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Bird-X Prowler Owl Specifications:
Wingspan: 44", total head-to-tail 28", head diameter 7"
Heavy Duty Materials: Head is hard resin plastic, lifelike wings are made of iron-weave cellulose fabric supported by flexible cables and riveted plastic struts
Bird-X Prowler Owl Includes: Head, wings, and body
Bird-X Prowler Owl Weight & Size: 2 lbs., 12" x 7" x 10"
Bird-X Prowler Owl Mounting: Place neck opening on a 1/2" diameter pole (not included)
Bird-X Prowler Owl Category: Bird Repellent
Bird-X Prowler Owl Manufacturer: Bird-X

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