Bait Tray - 10 Pack

Bait Tray - 10 Pack


Bait Tray - 10 Pack

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Bait Tray - 10 Pack

Sturdy, economical station for baiting ants, cockroaches and other insects ! Get creative and make your own baits !

Bait Tray - 10 Pack Features:
* Holds gel, granule and liquid baits
* Adjustable for large and small insects
* Dual bait compartments, ramped entry
* Convenient low-profile, clear design
* Mounts flat, vertically, even upside down
* Refillable or disposable
* Comes with sticky back, or mounting hole for extra security
* Fits inside the D-Sect IPM Station for ultimate tamper-resistance

Bait Tray - 10 Pack Uses / Applications:
The Bait Tray is a transparent 2 sided tray that holds any insecticidal bait. Give insects a choice of bait - holds liquids on 1 side, and granules on the other at the the same time! Can be placed flat on counters or inside cabinets. Can also be hung on walls with a tack! Perfect for baiting ants, cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, etc.

Usage: Lift open the lock tab for filling. Lock the tab back down for ants and German roaches, or remove at the perforation for larger insects. Secure using the sticky dot or put a tack through the mounting hole. A tack may be better for extra security when using liquid bait, due to greater weight of the filled station. To create a beetle trap, fill the station with InVite Multi-Insect Lure. Beetles will enter the station and get trapped in the oil.

The Bait tray can be cleaned and reused over and over.

Does not contain any pesticide.

Bait Tray - 10 Pack Target Pests:
Ants, cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, etc.

Bait Tray - 10 Pack Sold: In packs of 10

Purchase case of 48 and Save!

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Bait Tray 10 Pack Instructions
Bait Tray 10 Pack Usage Guide

Bait Tray - 10 Pack Size: Actual Size - 3" x 2.5"
Bait Tray - 10 Pack Category: Bait Station
Bait Tray - 10 Pack Manufacturer: Rockwell Labs Ltd.

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