Odor Hunter

Odor Hunter
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Odor Hunter

Stop odor in its tracks with ODOR HUNTER the professional's "go-to" product for instant control!

Odor Hunter is a patented odor elimination product delivering results instantly by attacking odor molecules at their source and stopping them in their tracks. Odor Hunter is not a masking agent, but a highly effective odor elimination product incorporating advanced technology with a unique mode of action that attacks odor molecules at their source.

For odor control in your home or business, Odor Hunter is the only product you need ! It's the professional's "go-to" product for instant control of a long list of noxious odors. Whatever the source of the odor: smoke, skunks, dead and decaying animals, garbage, mold, urine & feces or flatulence--You'll want to keep Odor Hunter at hand for those noxious moments !

Odor Hunter Features:
* Fast-action, professional-grade odor eliminator
* Patented odor control technology
* Unique molecular action
* Effective against most noxious odors
* Not a masking agent
* Can be sprayed or fogged

Odor Hunter Uses / Applications:
For use in your home or business. Use the easy-to-apply sprayable Odor Hunter directly on or around the odor causing source, such as:
* Animals and Kennels
* Urine and Feces
* Dumpsters and Trash Receptacles
* Landfills
* Damp and Musty Areas, Mold and Mildew
* Basements and Crawl Spaces
* Bathrooms
* Smoke, Fire and Water Damage
* Cigarettes, Pipes, Cigars
* Sewage
* Spoiled Foods
* Metalworking Fluids

Odor Hunter Target Pests:
Treats odors including but not limited to: Urine & feces, skunks, smoke, dead and decaying animals, mold, garbage, and metalworking fluids.
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Odor Hunter Information

Odor Hunter Size: 32 oz
Odor Hunter Category: RTU Spray Odor Hunter
Odor Hunter Manufacturer: Sostram Corporation

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