EcoSafe Predator Barrier Scent Stick


EcoSafe Predator Barrier Scent Stick

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EcoSafe Predator Barrier Scent Stick

Uses Real Predator Urines to Create a Natural Barrier To Repel Rats, Mice and Squirrels ! EcoSafe Predator Barrier Scent Stick uses a special stick applicator for fast easy, and water resistant applications! Super Low Odor! EcoSafe Predator Barrier Scent is a combination of real predator urine such as coyote, bobcat and others to create a natural barrier that scares rats, mice and other small animals away. These natural urines are real and are encapsulated in a water resistant wax base for ease of application, water resistance and to reduce the odor. The waxy base makes application on vertical and upside down surfaces easy, clean and very effective. Rodent or squirrel problems' Sometimes traps and other devices are not enough to get rid of them, and toxic baits can be unwanted or dangerous to use, especially around pets and children. The Predator Barrier Scent Stick is designed to allow for fast and easy application of REAL predator urines in places where rodents or squirrels can gain entry into homes, buildings, vehicles, aircraft and hundreds of others.
Simply remove the cap, turn the knob to raise the stick and swipe or smear to apply the urine scent. No messes, no smells, and very safe to use almost anywhere.

The chemistry behind EcoSafe Predator Barrier Scent uses REAL 100% predator urines from coyotes, bobcats and others. Most commercially available urines are either synthetic or heavily diluted with fragranced oils. Liquid predator urines are also very smelly and difficult to apply. The EcoSafe Predator Barrier Scent Stick removes all of these hurdles and makes application of natural predator scents fast and easy. Simply swipe the stick onto any surface to apply it. The urines are encapsulated in a wax base and will last much longer than liquid urines and are much faster and cleaner to apply.

EcoSafe Predator Barrier Scent Stick Features:
* Uses real urines collected from predators
* Easy application, just swipe and mark the teritory
* No spills, no leaks, no mess - exclusive stick applicator
* Wax base, weather resistant encapsulated formula
* For use anywhere you wish to keep rodents away
* Works great on electrical wires and motor housings

EcoSafe Predator Barrier Scent Stick Uses / Applications:
Test Results are 99% Effective! The EcoSafe Predator Barrier Scent Stick can be used in hundreds of applications.

Outdoor use - Homes, Buildings, Boats, Boathouses, RV's, Motorhomes, Kennels, Outbuildings, Poultry farms, Warehouses, Airport Hangers, Aircraft Wheels, Barnes, Garages, and More! Apply to rocks, trees, posts, fences, outbuildings, door jambs, entry points, motor housings, electrical lines, and anywhere you wish to keep small animals away. Simply remove cap to expose wax stick and apply using 3" - 6" long swipes at intervals of 3" - 5". Entry points and holes can be treated by completely encircling the hole on the entry side. Perimeter barriers can be established by applying barrier scent to objects on an "outer perimeter' away from the structure. In the absence of objects such as rocks, fences, trees, etc., or around gardens, sheds, outhouses, motor homes, etc, - small wooden stakes or door shims placed into the soil every 3-5 feet and treated with the barrier scent is effective. Re-apply every 3-5 days or as needed.

Indoor use - Do not use in living spaces or areas where food is prepared or served. Indoor use should be limited to garages, closets, storage closets, attics, crawl spaces.

It can be used on entry points such as holes, around doors, windows, chimneys, etc, and also used in attics to create an undesirable living area for rodents and squirrels. It is excellent for use on the tires of cars, trucks, buses, boat trailers, aircraft, motor homes and other vehicles that sit for extended periods and are vulnerable to rodent infestations. Simply swipe around the tires to create the barrier scent. The Predator can also be used on electrical wires, motor housings, motors, avionics and other areas to help repel rats and mice. Each Stick contains 4 oz of encapsulated Predator Urines and can be swiped up to 100 times! Apply every 3-4 weeks for best results.

EcoSafe Predator Barrier Scent Stick Target Pests:
Rats, Mice & Small Animals

New product
EcoSafe Predator Barrier Scent Stick Size(s): 4 oz single sticks or case of 6
EcoSafe Predator Barrier Scent Stick Category: Territorial Marking Stick
EcoSafe Predator Barrier Scent Stick Manufacturer: EcoFresh Industries Inc.

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