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DeTour Rodent Barrier Sealant


DeTour Rodent Barrier Sealant

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DeTour Professional Grade Rodent Barrier Sealant

DeTour contains white mineral oil, white pepper, and silica. When used as described, product repels rodents and keeps them moving around. This will increase the chances of catching them. Use DeTour with other rodent management devices for best results.

DeTour deters rats, mice and squirrels from congregating, damaging, or coming back by irritating their sensory organs and nerve endings. It is the first Fifra EPA 25b exempt contact bio-repellent for rodents that acts as a contact irritant. When rodents come into contact with DeTour, they will do everything they can to get away. DeTour For Rodents bothers rodents, but does not harm them in any way. When used according to label instructions, DeTour makes a barrier around areas where nuisance rodents need to be kept away and will prevent their return for 30 days or longer!

*Highly effective, natural rodent repellent
*Eco-friendly, 25b ingredients
*Does not kill or harm rodents
*Uses a white pepper extract in a food-grade mineral oil gel
*Easy to clean, use only soap and water
*Lasts 30 days or longer

Must be placed in the direct path of where contact will occur. Apply DeTour to any areas where rodent droppings are found or where rodent activity is prevalent. Lock cartridge into a standard caulking gun. Slowly pull caulking gun trigger to apply. May also be used in current rodent equipment such as bait stations or rodent boxes. Keep contained in areas where humans or pets may come into contact.

For Use in Areas Such as: Kitchens, food storage areas, ceilings, attic spaces, inside voids/chases in walls, floors, or ceilings, areas with signs of rodent activity including feces, urine trails, and rub marks, and directly into rodent burrows.

Target Pests:

Active Ingredients:
White Pepper...................3.0%

New product
DeTour For Rodents Active Ingredients:
White Pepper...................3.0%

DeTour For Rodents Size: 10 oz Cartidge
DeTour For Rodents Category: Rodent Repellent
DeTour For Rodents Manufacturer: PiGNX, Inc.

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