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Flock Free Pallet Protector

Flock Free Pallet Protector


Flock Free Pallet Protector


The Pallet Protector

The Pallet Protector is a heavy vinyl mat that lets off a small shock that harmlessly jolts the birds and animals when they walk on it. it is charged by a 9 volt battery, and has two handles and four rings to mount it. Do you have a raccoon that keeps on breaking into your garbage can' The Pallet Protector is the perfect solution for you!

The Pallet Protector can also be used to shock birds and wildlife by placing a food attractant on the pad to entice animals to step on it. This product is great for boats, docks, on top of trash cans and anywhere you need to give an animal a jolt!

The Pallet Protector Features:
* Harmelessly jolts target animals
* Great for boats, docks, and on top of trash cans
* Simply to use
* Effective!

The Pallet Protector Uses/Applications:
Place on top of surface that needs protecting from birds and nuisance wildlife.

The Pallet Protector Target Pests:
Birds and nuisance wildlife.

New product
The Pallet Protector Size: 52" x 24" x ½"
The Pallet Protector Category: Repellent, Bird, Wildlife
The Pallet Protector Manufacturer: Make-Em-Move Manufacturing

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