Termatrac T3i Termite Detection Device

Termatrac T3i Termite Detection Device


Termatrac T3i Termite Detection Device

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Termatrac T3i Termite Detection Device

Termatrac®T3i Termite Detection Device revolutionizes termite inspection practices and technology because of its 3-in-1 termite detection unit. It is the best available non-intrusive termite inspection device, and is the only device that detects, confirms and tracks the presence of termites!

Termatrac®T3i Termite Detection Device uses radar technology, moisture sensors and thermal sensors to find and track termites. With this technology, finding and treating a termite infestation is a breeze! Termites require a lot of moisture to survive, and when they are clustered together, they can generate heat and move around fast in order to bring their food source back to the nest. Termatrac®T3i uses its 3-in-1 technology to pinpoint termites location which makes it easy to save money on chemicals and treatment as a solution to the termite infestation problem.

Termatrac®T3i Termite Detection Device Features:
* Detects movement in or behind most surfaces
* Can be used to detect termites in hard to reach places
* Reads movement on a PDA up to 20 yards away from the source
* Detects just one termite
* Detects any change in moisture across surfaces
* Auto calibrates to any material
* Any slight increase or decrease in moisture is immediately shown
* Detects changes to surface temperature
* Bar graph display shows clear results
* Exact temperature changes are displayed numerically
* Highly accurate findings
* Comes with a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with Bluetooth
* Capture, record and report if there is any termite activity
* More environmentally friendly as less chemicals need to be used

How it Works:

Radar: The unique termite detection radar does what no other detector has ever been able to do. It sends out radar through most common wall materials that locates and tracks the presence of termites, without the need for tapping or drilling holes in walls for easy and accurate treatment. The easiest way to explain the technology is that it's a cross between a Ground Penetrating Radar and a Tracking Radar. The object of a Ground Penetrating Radar is to penetrate a surface and bounce back signals to determine the density of the materials and identify objects, changes in materials and voids and cracks below the surface. Ground Penetrating Radars are commonly used to detect underground water supply and sewage pipes, as well as geophysical surveying for minerals. In contrast, Tracking Radars cannot penetrate surfaces, however the microwave signals are reflected off objects (such as an aircraft) thereby detecting their presence and movement. Combining the principles of the two technologies, the Termatrac Termite Detection Radar emits a specially calibrated microwave signal where its reflection detects the movement of a target through a solid material. The Termatrac Termite Detection Radar emits a microwave signal specially calibrated to detect termites. The emitted and received signals are processed to yield certain details about the nature of the signal disturbance; hence the Termite Detection Radar has been tuned to the movement of termite shaped objects. This signal can penetrate dense material in walls, ceilings, floors and furniture, including timber, plaster, cement sheet, concrete, tiles, carpet, vinyl, and many other common building materials. If the microwave signal is interrupted by termite activity, a visual indication is displayed on the units' screen that notifies the operator to the presence of Termites. The Termite Detection Radar is advanced technology that is simple to use.

Moisture: The moisture sensor confirms that conditions need further investigation. The moisture component enables the professional pest control technician to easily identify areas of excess moisture as a possible risk area for termites. The moisture sensor is so sensitive it can even pinpoint rising dampness. The Moisture Sensor built into the single Termatrac T3i hand-held unit measures and records differential moisture levels in building materials without any need for physical penetration and damage. Easily identify potential termite risk areas by the concentrated presence of moisture. Easily and accurately identify the difference in moisture levels on most surfaces, including wood, drywall, roofing, plaster, brick, concrete, etc. Specially designed padding ensures no marks occur on the tested surface areas when scanning for moisture.

Thermal: The remote thermal sensor with built-in laser pointer shows changes in surface temperature; a common sign of termite infestation. The Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide built into the Termatrac T3i hand-held unit performs a similar role as a thermal imaging camera (minus the visual capability), enabling the operator to scan Termite Risk Areas for changes in wall surface temperature which could be conducive to termite infestation.

Termatrac®T3i Termite Detection Device Uses/Applications:
Detects, confirms and tracks the presence of termites.

Termatrac®T3i Termite Detection Device Target Pests:



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