InVite Fly Gel Lure


InVite Fly Gel Lure


InVite Fly Gel Lure

InVite Fly Gel Lure is a potent gel lure for filth flies, includes food and pheromone attractants. It's great for placing on any glue board, glue stick or window trap to catch filth flies!

InVite Fly Gel Lure is packaged in a standard size bait syringe, the gel can be applied directly to glueboards of the desired shape and size. Results will likely be best if an insect glue trap is used, rather than rodent glue, as flies can sometimes escape some rodent glueboards. A killing zone can be created by placing InVite Fly Gel Lure on a surface that has been treated with LambdaStar 9.7% CS or FenvaStar EcoCap or non-repellant. Flies that land on the zone will pick up the residual and die.

InVite Fly Gel Lure Features:
* Attracts house flies and blow flies
* Packaged in standard size bait syringes
* Best results are achieved when applied directly to any insect glue board
* Can also be applied onto surfaces treated with a microcap such as LambdaStar 9.7% CS or FenvaStar EcoCap to create a "kill zone" where flies are attracted, land, contact the residual and die.

InVite Fly Gel Lure Uses/Applications:
Place InVite Fly Gel Lure in thick 1/4 inch lines on glueboards, glue sticks or in other traps to attract flies. (For hanging cup or bottle style traps, InVite Kill Zone will be more effective than this product). More or less can be used depending upon the size of the glueboard or duration desired. A 1g placement, which is about 1 inch long, will last up to 30 days. Product will become less effective as it dries.

InVite Fly Gel Lure Target Pests:
House, stable and blow flies!

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InViteâ„¢ Fly Gel Lure Size: 35 gram syringes
InViteâ„¢ Fly Gel Lure Category: Lure, Gel, Flies
InViteâ„¢ Fly Gel Lure Manufacturer: Rockwell Labs Ltd.

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