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Exponent Insecticide Synergist


Exponent Insecticide Synergist

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Exponent Insecticide Synergist

Compare to: PBO 8, Piperonyl Butoxide

Exponent® Insecticide Synergist will not kill insects on its own, but will make other liquid insecticides more effective providing a faster kill and higher efficiency!

Exponent® Insecticide Synergist will make the speed of kill quicker while increasing the level of control of pyrethroids, fogging solutions and other insecticide concentrates. It is an emulsifiable concentrate and can be mixed directly with other liquid insecticide mixtures to help in the control of target pests. Add Exponent® to your pest control program today!

Exponent® Insecticide Synergist Features:
* For use with other liquid insecticides
* Increases effectiveness of other insecticides
* May be mixed directly

Exponent® Insecticide Synergist Uses/Applications:
Use Sites: Homes, multiple unit housing, hotels, schools, restaurants, food processing facilities, food storage and warehousing, bakeries, residential facilities, healthcare facilities, warehouses, office buildings, factories, home exteriors, and industrial facilities. As well as these outdoor sites: Trees, shrubs, flowers, foliage plants, lawns, yards, turf grass, golf courses, parks, and landscape.

Exponent® may be applied via ground application units, hand-held sprayers, power sprayers, foggers and ULV applicators, and chemigation.

Refer to label for detailed application/mixing instructions.

Exponent® Insecticide Synergist Listed Use Crops:
Root and tuber vegetables, leaves of root and tuber vegetables, bulb vegetables, leafy vegetables, brassica leafy vegetables, legume vegetables, foliage of legume vegetables, fruiting vegetables, cucurbit vegetables, citrus fruits, pome fruits, stone fruits, small fruits and berries, tree nuts, oriental vegetables, subtropical fruits, artichoke, avocado, coffee, cotton, olives, sugar cane, tea, tobacco, grasses for seed, forage, fodder and hay, non-grass animal feeds, herbs and spices, oilseed crops, and ornamentals.

Exponent® Insecticide Synergist Active Ingredients:
Piperonyl Butoxide...............91.30%

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Exponent® Insecticide Synergist Brochure
Exponent® Insecticide Synergist Info Sheet

Exponent® Insecticide Synergist Active Ingredients:
Piperonyl Butoxide...............91.30%

Exponent® Insecticide Synergist EPA Reg. No. 1021-1511

Exponent® Insecticide Synergist Size: 1 pt bottle / 1 qt bottle / 1 gallon jug
Exponent® Insecticide Synergist Class: Synergist
Exponent® Insecticide Synergist Category: Pesticide, Concentrate
Exponent® Insecticide Synergist Manufacturer: MGK

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