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AccuSpray Sprayer

AccuSpray Sprayer


AccuSpray Sprayer

AccuSpray Sprayer

AccuSpray Sprayer is an important tool for any IPM program. The compact design allows insecticide to be applied to areas where insect activity is present.

AccuSpray Sprayer Features:
* 16 oz capacity
* 6' coiled hose
* All plastic construction
* High efficiency pump - less than 10 strokes to pressurize
* Push button trigger provides fine spray and includes a C&C straw

Standard Model Includes:
* All plastic design
* Compact spray valve
* Crack & Crevice and atomizing tip
* Standard belt holster

AccuSpray Sprayer Uses/Applications:
This compact sprayer is suitable for routine service of commercial and residential accounts, or as a follow-up behind standard spraying. After filling your B&G tank sprayer, add 16 oz. to the AccuSpray and you can service any account from your tank or from the AccuSpray. The crack-and-crevice straw and/or atomizing spray can be used to treat for a variety of household pests, including cockroaches in a kitchen, and bed bugs in a box spring or along the seams of a mattress. This small sprayer comes with a carry pouch that attaches to your belt, and the valve clips to the pouch for added convenience. The Accuspray is perfect for an IPM approach for Pest Control.

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AccuSpray & AccuSpray Professional Sprayers Brochure
AccuSpray & AccuSpray Professional Sprayers Manual

AccuSpray & AccuSpray Professional Sprayers Size: 16 oz capacity
AccuSpray & AccuSpray Professional Sprayers Category: Tools, Equipment, Sprayers
AccuSpray & AccuSpray Professional Sprayers Manufacturer: B & G Equipment