Azera Insecticide


Azera Insecticide


Azera Insecticide

Azera Insecticide a is a new, premium organic insecticide product from MGK. Its multiple modes of action provide both excellent control of the hardest-to-kill, hard-bodied pests as well as quick knock down and kill of the most destructive soft-bodied insects. Azera effectively controls insects through three modes of action: Contact, Ingestion and Insect Growth Regulatory activity.

Azera Insecticide a is an ideal organic solution for hard-to-kill insects–it's made from two distinctly powerful active ingredients derived from botanical sources. And because it provides quick knockdown and control of many harder-to-kill insects, Azera can be one of the most important tools in your arsenal of pest control solutions.

Azera Insecticide Features:
* Quick knockdown and kill
* Kills listed pests on contact or by ingestion
* Contains Pyrethrins, a botanical insecticide derived from chrysanthemums
* Kills a broad spectrum of listed insects including aphids, whiteflies, leafminers, and caterpillars
* Kills larval, pupae, and adult stages of listed insects

Azera Insecticide Uses/Applications:
"¢ Mix only enough for immediate use.
"¢ Shake AZERA well before using.
"¢ Dilute AZERA in sufficient water to obtain thorough coverage.
"¢ Fill clean spray tank ½ to ¾ of the water to be sprayed and begin agitation.
"¢ Add the appropriate amount of AZERA to the spray tank.
"¢ Fill the tank with the remaining water and agitate thoroughly.
"¢ Adjust spray solution to pH of 5.5-7.0, if outside of that range.
"¢ Apply product promptly after mixing.
"¢ Complete coverage of all leaf surfaces is essential for optimum results.
"¢ If the mixture is not applied immediately after mixing, agitate before application.

"¢ This product may be tank mixed with most other insecticides, acaricides, fungicides, adjuvants, foliar fertilizers, and wetting agents.
"¢ This application should conform to accepted use precautions and directions for all products in tank mix.
"¢ Tank mix applications must be made in accordance with the more restrictive of label limitations and precautions. No label application rates may be exceeded. This product cannot be mixed with any product with label prohibitions against such mixing.

Since variation in climatic conditions, cultural practices and other factors can affect compatibility, prior to tank-mixing, a compatibility test should be conducted using the proper proportions of products and water to ensure the physical compatibility of the mixture. To test for compatibility, mix a small amount of each product to the appropriate proportions in a small jar.

Spraying should begin when listed insects first appear. Do not wait until plants are heavily infested. Repeat application as required to maintain effective kill, but not more than every 5-7 days. For foliar application, apply AZERA in sufficient spray volume and with adequate spray pressure to ensure complete and thorough coverage of all plant surfaces including both the top and bottom of leaves. Do not wet plants to the point of runoff or drip. Do not apply when wind speed favors drift beyond the area intended for treatment. When pest pressure is extreme or plant canopy is dense, use higher rates and do not reapply within 24 hours. If possible, apply in the early morning or evening hours. The reduced UV exposure and lower temperatures will increase the performance and reduce the impact on pollinators. AZERA may be applied using any powered or manual pesticide application equipment including: high volume, low volume, ultra-low volume, electrostatic, foggingand chemigation. Follow the original manufacturer's instructions when using these types of equipment.

Azera Insecticide Target Pests:
Azera is labeled for the control of insects including, but not limited to: Ants, aphids, apple maggot, armyworms, bagworm, beetles, blow flies, boll weevil, borers, cabbage looper, cankerworms, caterpillars, clover weevil, cockroaches, codling moth, crickets, cutworms, deer fly, deer tick, earwigs, elm leaf beetle, face fly, false chinch bugs, fire ants, fireworms, flies, fruit flies, fruitworms, grain beetles, grape leafhopper, grasshoppers, greenhouse thrips, hornets, horn fly, house fly, lace bugs, leafhopper, leafminers, lice, loopers, mealy bugs, midges, millipedes, mosquitoes, moths, pinworms, psyllids, rice weevil, ringworms, skippers, sowbugs, stink bugs, spiders, thrips, vinegar flies, wasps, webworms, weevils, whiteflies, yellow jackets, and many more!

Azera Insecticide Active Ingredients:
Pyrethrins, a botanical insecticide.............1.40%

New product
Azera Insecticide Technical Bulletin

Azera Insecticide Active Ingredients:
Pyrethrins, a botanical insecticide.............1.40%

Azera Insecticide EPA Reg. No. 1021-1872

Azera Insecticide Size: 1 gallon jug
Azera Insecticide Class: Pyrethroid, IGR, Botanical
Azera Insecticide Category: Insecticide, Concentrate, Broad-Spectrum, Crops
Azera Insecticide Manufacturer: MGK