Flour Moth Trap 2 pack


Flour Moth Trap 2pk


Flour Moth Trap (Cut & Fold)

The non-toxic trap that is the only solution to pesky moths in bird feed & kitchens.

These moths are everywhere, all year round. The trap uses naturally-based insect pheromones to attract moths, which are killed in the trap. The trap lasts for months. Each package is a set of two traps.

SpringStar Flour Moth Trap Features:
* Attracts and Kills Flour Moths - No Pesticides !
* Easiest moth control ever -- Uses powerful natural sex attractants
* Safe and easy to use
* Lure is effective for 3 months
* Approved for all food handling areas
* Use for bird seed, pet food and stored grains
* Use in homes, barns, stores and restaurants
* Catches thousands of moths!

2 moths traps per package

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