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ePestSupply is a wholesale distributor of various pest control supplies and products. As such, ePestSupply and does not warranty the safety or the effectiveness of any of the products mentioned on this website. Any warranty or guarantee of safety, merchantability or fitness for any particular use lies solely with the manufacturer.

The recommendations for pesticide use or treatment for a specific pest problem on this website or recommendations made through the direct consultation of one one of our employees or agents and are for general informational purposes only. Our recommendations are based on limited knowledge of your area, your home or business, environmental factors, pest identity and population as well as numerous other factors and are extremely general and limited in nature. For more exact recommendations you should always consult the services of a licensed pest control professional in your area. You can find a reputable pest professional in your area by visiting the National Pest Management Association Website at

Pesticide containers usually contain directions for use called a "pesticide label" that contains the EPA registration number as well as exact directions for use. The free advice given by a ePestSupply and ePestControl employee or agent or any of the pages on this website for pesticide application or use are based on common application practices in the pest control industry. This free advice should never be construed to take the place of the pesticide label. In the USA, the pesticide label is the law and a legal document. Always read and follow the label directions before using any pesticide product.

Some products sold on may require the special licensing training or registration of the user with that user's Country, State, County, City, Province, Etc. Our products are sold throughout the world and it is impossible to know every licensing restriction, product registration, etc., for every Country, State, County, City, Province, etc. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or the end user to provide a license, permit, registration etc. if requested by that purchasers local or state authorities. Most States or Counties in the USA will provide a license or personal use permit for a nominal fee.

All monies will be promptly refunded if any product shipped to a customer is found to be illegal for sale, use or distribution, or registration for any reason by that customer, or that customers, Country, State, County, City, Province, etc. Said products must not be opened or used and must be returned immediately to ePestSupply.

ePestSupply and and its agents are under the assumption that it's customers are of sound mind, can read and interpret english (as all pesticide labels are written in english), and that the customer assumes all responsibility for purchase and safe, proper and legal use of the products they purchase.

ePestSupply and ePestControl reserve the right to deny sale of any product for purposes of safeguarding that persons perceived risk to themselves, their household or others. ePestSupply and ePestControl also reserves the right to deny sale to any persons whose name crosschecks with any FBI or HomeLand Security list.

Point of sale is Dallas, Texas, USA. Any legal issues brought forth against ePestSupply and ePestControl or Dallas Ft. Worth Pest Control will be governed by the laws of the State of Texas. Any legal proceedings will be held in Dallas County, Dallas, Texas USA.

This disclaimer is a legally binding contract between ePestSupply and ePestControl and the person or persons purchasing products on these websites. This disclaimer may be updated from time to time without any notice.