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Basic Rodent Control Kit


Basic Rodent Control Kit


Basic Rodent Control Kit

The Basic Rodent Control Kit contains the most basic and effective items necessary for rodent control. Simply set and wait for results!

Basic Rodent Control Kit Features:
* Easy to use
* Highly effective

Basic Rodent Control Kit Includes:
1 - Bell Protecta Original Bait Station
1 - Bell Trapper T-Rex Snap Trap

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Basic Rodent Control Kit Uses/Applications:
In your personal battle against rodents such as rats and mice, it is important to remember that you are dealing with an animal that is capable of crawling, climbing, and chewing it's way into your home or business. They can flatten themselves out and squeeze through the smallest of openings, even under closed doors. If the hole is not big enough, they can easily chew it or gnaw it to a large enough size so that they can get through. Generally, if a rodent can squeeze it's head through an opening, (most rodents heads are the size of a quarter or smaller), it will eventually get through. This is why your strategy for rat or mice control always starts on the outside of the structure.

1. Open the station.
2. Place trap in station.
3. Set trap carefully.
4. Wait for results!

Outdoor Rat Control Eradication and Exclusion:The first thing to do is to make sure that there are no holes that the rodents can get through. Check all plumbing and electrical entrances, doors, folding garage doors, etc. Also check behind gutters, around chimney and plumbing stack flashing, and in the case of raised or pier and beam homes, make sure that they cannot get access under the foundation or skirting or through screened vents. The point is that any hole on the outside of the house can give rats or mice entrance. If the hole is not big enough, the rats or mice will gnaw it to make it bigger. Rats must constantly gnaw and sharpen their teeth to keep them filed down. Rats teeth grow an average of 7 inches per year. This is why they constantly gnaw and chew.

Before using any outdoor bait station, make sure that there are not competing food sources for the rodents. Garbage, pet food, animal feed, etc, are much more acceptable to rodents than any rodent bait. Even though rats and mice will eat almost anything, the effectiveness of any outdoor baiting program depends on sanitation practices. If sanitation practices are an issue, the effectiveness of your baiting program will be minimal. In other words, if the outside areas contain garbage, pet food, animal feed, etc, the rats or mice usually will not eat the bait. Clean it up first, and your program will be successful.

Indoor Rat Control and Eradication: After the outside environment has been cleaned up, sealed up and outdoor bait stations have been used, inside control can begin. The idea is that once the outside environment has been repaired and cleaned up, hopefully, the rodents will unable to gain entrance to the home or building and will be happy either remaining outside, until they consume the outside bait, or they will be trapped inside.

Do Not Use Rat Baits Indoors! - We do not recommend using rat baits or rodenticides indoors. If a rodent eats a rodenticide indoors, unless it can find its way out of the structure before the effects of the rodenticide set in - usually 3 to 5 days, it will die indoors. There is no such thing as a rodenticide or a rat bait that causes the rodent to become thirsty and look for water. There is also no such thing as a rodenticide that causes the rodents body to not smell or to dry out during the rotting phase. These "white lies" are used by exterminators and other rodent control novices because tossing rat bait into an attic is easy and inexpensive.

Basic Rodent Control Kit Target Pests:
Rats and mice.

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Basic Rodent Control Kit Category: Rodent, Trap
Basic Rodent Control Kit Manufacturer: Bell Labs

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