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Bird-X Irri-Tape

Bird X Irri Tape


Bird-X Irri-Tape

Choose 100 or 500 Foot Roll:

Bird-X Irri-Tape

Bird-X Irri-Tape works by creating undesirable reflective rays of light !

This holographic foil bird tape is designed to to utilize sight and sound to scare birds away from the area. This visual scare product goes by many names including Irri-Tape, foil tape, flash tape, bird tape, repeller ribbon, mirror tape, reflective tape, mylar tape, holographic tape and more.

Bird-X Irri-Tape Features:
* Iridescent material shimmers in the sunlight, disorienting pest birds
* Foil tape makes metallic noises as it flaps in the wind, threatening birds
* Simple, cost-effective, and easy to install
* These rays of light repel birds
* Attach to just about any object including:
- trees
- fences
- gutters
- and MORE !
* Can be cut to length with scissors
* Then tape or nail into place
* Very effective !

Bird-X Irri-Tape Uses / Applications:
Bird tape is often used in agricultural applications like farms and vineyards.
*This product is not suitable for saltwater applications ? please select a different visual scare.

Bird-X Irri-Tape Target Pests:
A variety of birds

New product
Bird-X Irri-Tape Size: Available in 100 foot or Standard 500 feet rolls.
Bird-X Irri-Tape Manufacturer: Bird-X