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Bell Trapper T Rex Snap Trap


Available Individually or in Case of 12

T Rex Rat Trap Qty:
  • (1) Single Trap - $11.97 each
  • (2) Single Traps - $10.97 each
  • (3) Single Traps - $9.97 each
  • (12) Single Traps (Case) - $6.97 each

The Bell T-Rex Snap Trap is easy to bait. Just bait with their favorite foods like, peanut butter, cheese, or dog or cat food. Dispose of the rat or mouse, re-bait and it is ready to be set again. Give the T-Rex trap a try, it is the safest, best working trap available !

The Bell T-Rex Snap Trap Features:
* Easy to set
* Easy to catch
* Easy to reset
* Easier to set than conventional spring loaded wood traps
* No dangerous wires to set
* Made from very strong durable plastic
* Reusable over and over - no cleaning required

The Bell T-Rex Snap Trap Uses / Application:
Apply pressure to the rear of trap and push open to set. Use lure such as Provoke or Pro Lure and apply into small holding cup while holding trap open with the palm of your hand. Place trap open side against wall and/or along runways. For best results place traps every 10-15 feet. Avoid placing traps in open areas, placing along walls or runways greatly increases capture rate.

The T-Rex has two, very strong springs and a super sensitive trip pad that make it fragile to touch. Just a simple touch on the trip pad, and the trap is released. The powerful enclosure snares the rat or mouse and will not let go. By using a unique grabbing technique that will not let the rodent go, the rodent breathes out, but cannot breath in and eventually suffocates.

For protection from pets, children and to use outdoors - place the T-Rex Snap Trap inside of the Protecta Original Bait Station. This method provides excellent protection from all elements and is the best outdoor method for capturing rats. Also for use indoors where it can remain protected, or in areas where rat bait or poison is unwanted or unacceptable for use.

New product
Bell Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap Size: 5.5" x 3"
Bell Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap Category: tools / traps / animals / rats
Bell Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap Manufacturer: Bell Laboratories

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