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FBS Fly Bait Station

FBS Fly Bait Station


FBS Fly Bait Station

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FBS Fly Bait Station

FBS Fly Bait Stations is a revolution in filth fly control from VM Products! Until now, applying granular baits around exterior filth fly prone areas has been limited to scattering or painting the insecticide. FBS Fly Bait Stations by VM Products provides a revolutionary fly baiting device that stores bait and protects it from the elements !

FBS Fly Bait Stations Features:
* Shiny reflective surface
* Attracts flies and provides a resting place
* Entices with bait
* Child resistant
* Opens easily with EZ Key

FBS Fly Bait Stations Uses / Applications:
Place FBS Fly Bait Stations along fences, walls, trees, building perimeters, near trash dumpsters, trash cans, door openings, in barns near stalls, feeding troughs and anywhere flies are a problem.

FBS can be easily installed on fences, walls, or other surfaces near dumpsters, behind restaurants, or in other places where flies are a problem. The FBS Fly Bait Station has a locking lid that only allows entrance for flies. Emptying, cleaning, and maintaining this fly bait system is efficient and cost effective.

FBS Fly Bait Stations Target Pests:

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New product
FBS Fly Bait Stations Size: 6.5" x 3.75" x 2.5"
FBS Fly Bait Stations Category: Fly Bait Station
FBS Fly Bait Stations Manufacturer: VM Products

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