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Bell Terad3 BLOX


Available in 4 Lb and 18 Lb Pails

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  • Single (1) 4 Lb Pail - $59.97
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  • (1) Single 18 Lb Pail - $164.97

Bell Terad3 BLOX

Terad3 BLOX expertly combines the most recent advancements in bait formulation to yield a highly weather-able BLOX with the low hazard benefits of the active ingredient, Vitamin D3.

This denser, tightly compacted 1-oz. extruded BLOX has superb durability and weather-ability. Incorporating an advanced preservation system, Terad3 BLOX is mold and moisture resistant. Its high melting point keeps the bait stable in temperatures as high as 200 degrees F.

Equally outstanding is the bait's palatability. Terad3 also has a recognized stop-feed action, reducing the need for extensive and continued bait. Ultimately this results in lower total bait consumption with greater cost savings.

Terad3 BLOX with Vitamin D3 kills anticoagulant-resistant rats and mice yet substantially reduces the risk of secondary poisoning. It also poses low toxicity to birds. With BLOX, bait translocation is also reduced.

Terad3 BLOX Features:
* All-Weather Formula
* Mold & Moisture Resistant
* Can Be Used Indoors or Out
* Kills Anticoagulant-Resistant Norway Rats

Terad3 BLOX Uses / Applications:
All bait placements must be inside or within 50 feet of buildings. Terad3 BLOX has a broad label which makes it an excellent choice for controlling rodents at agricultural and animal production facilities, warehousing and food processing plants, as well as for commercial and residential accounts.

1. Store unused product out of reach of children and pets.
2. Apply bait in locations out of reach of children, pets, domestic animals and non-target wildlife, or in tamper-resistant bait stations. These stations must be resistant to destruction by dogs and by children under six years of age, and must be used in a manner that prevents such children from reaching into bait compartments and obtaining bait. If bait can be shaken from bait stations when they are lifted, units must be secured or otherwise immobilized. Stronger bait stations are needed in areas open to hoofed livestock, raccoons, bears, or other potentially destructive animals, or in areas prone to vandalism.
3. Dispose of product container and unused, spoiled, or unconsumed bait as specified on this label. Note: Bait stations are mandatory for outdoor, above-ground use. Tamper-resistant bait stations must be used if children, pets, non-target mammals, or birds may access the bait.

USE RESTRICTIONS: This product may only be used to control Norway rats, roof rats and house mice and may be used at the following sites:
* in and around homes, industrial buildings and similar man-made structures;
* in and around agricultural buildings, including swine, poultry, cattle, and dairy facilities, warehouses, and food storage areas;
* in transport vehicles (ships, trains, aircraft) and in and around related port and terminal buildings; and
* in alleys.

Norway and Roof Rats: Use 2 to 8 bait blocks per placement. Space placements at intervals of 15 to 30 feet in infested areas. Maintain an uninterrupted supply of fresh bait for 10 days or until there no longer are signs of recent feeding on bait by rats.

House Mice: Use 1 bait block per placement. Space placements at intervals of 8 to 12 feet in infested areas. Two bait blocks per placement may be used at points of very high mouse activity. Maintain an uninterrupted supply of fresh bait for 15 days or until there no longer are signs of recent feeding on bait by house mice. FOLLOW-UP: Replace contaminated or spoiled bait immediately. Wearing gloves, collect and dispose of all dead, exposed animals and leftover bait. To prevent re-infestation, limit sources of rodent food, water, and harborage as much as possible. If re-infestation does occur, repeat treatment. Where a continuous source of infestation is present, establish permanent bait stations and replenish as needed.

Terad3 BLOX Target Pests:
Rats and Mice

Terad3 BLOX Active Ingredient(s):
Cholecalciferol (CAS #67-97-0).........................0.075%

New product
Terad3 BLOX Active Ingredient(s):
Cholecalciferol (CAS #67-97-0).........................0.075%

Terad3 BLOX EPA REG. NO. 12455-106

Terad3 BLOX Size: ?4 lbs (1.8 kg)
Terad3 BLOX Category: ?Rat & Mouse Bait
Terad3 BLOX Manufacturer: ?Bell Laboratories, Inc.

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