Ranger Pro Herbicide


Ranger Pro Herbicide

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Ranger Pro Herbicide

If you're looking for a complete broad spectrum post-emergent professional herbicide, look no further! Ranger Pro Herbicide is the generic of Roundup Pro and is just as effective as the name brand but less expensive!

Ranger Pro Herbicide will kill most grasses and weeds. The Ranger Pro is formulated as a water-soluble liquid with surfactant; therefore no additional surfactant is needed. Ranger Pro moves through the plant from the point of foliage contact to and into the root system. It is then absorbed into the soil and which breaks down naturally, and therefore will not spread through the ground and kill neighboring plants.

The herbicide Ranger Pro has an active ingredient of 41% Glyphosate (which is very similar to the active ingredient Roundup).

Ranger Pro Herbicide Benefits:
* Provides effective weed control
* Fully labeled for all turf, ornamental and forestry uses
* Kills weeds fast and completely
* Rapidly translocated and kills the root
* Quickly rainfast
* Environmentally Friendly

Ranger Pro Herbicide Uses / Applications:
Primary use is industrial sites, Forestry, Turf, Vegetation management, Habitat management, Ornamental areas and similar non-crop sites.

The active ingredient of Ranger Pro, Glyphosate moves from the point of contact down into the plant's root system, disrupting the enzyme that controls production of amino acids essential to plant growth.

Ranger Pro Herbicide Target:
Weeds, grass, agriculture, turf, ornamentals and non-crop markets

Ranger Pro Herbicide Active Ingredient:
Glyphosate .............................. 41%

Not For Sale In: WA

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Ranger Pro Herbicide Active Ingredient:
Glyphosate .............................. 41%

Ranger Pro Herbicide EPA Reg. #524-517

Ranger Pro Herbicide Size: 2.5 Gallons
Ranger Pro Herbicide Category: Herbicide
Ranger Pro Herbicide Manufacturer: Monsanto Company

Not For Sale In: WA

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