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Flock Free Shock Stick

Flock Free Shock Stick


Flock Free Shock Stick


Flock Free Shock Stick

Shock Stick is a solar powered low voltage stick for use in trees, hedges, vineyards, fruit fields, cell towers and more. When birds land on the Shock Stick, it gives them a low voltage jolt that scares them away. Use 6-8 or more Shock Sticks per average size tree. Eliminates the need for netting, and other expensive and deterrents that don't last!

Flock Free Shock Stick is 48" long, and is powered by a Solar Charger (available separately) or a standard 110v power supply or battery charger. Shock Sticks can be linked together to cover 1 1 or more trees. Shock Strip is mounted to PVC piping with shrink wrapped leads for years of simple operation. Entire assembly is then strapped to tree limbs with zip ties for fast and easy installation. Forget using expensive netting, cranes, lifts etc. A ladder is all that is needed to install Shock Strips in most cases. Use it to protect crops, trees, and more and eliminate the mess that nuisance birds can cause.

Flock Free Shock Stick Features:
* Easy to install
* Uses zip ties to attach to tree limbs
* Powered by the Solar Charger (separate) or standard 110v charger
* Eliminates need for netting
* Works on all nuisance bird species
* Sticks can be linked together

Flock Free Shock Stick Target Pests:
All nuisance birds including cow birds, grackles, starlings, egrets, and more

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