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InTice Border Patrol System


InTice Border Patrol System


InTice Border Patrol System

InTice™ Border Patrol™ System is a durable plastic bait station with four downward facing openings under the lid to easily let in pests and keep moisture out!

InTice™ Border Patrol™ System has a keyless, snap-on lid and a simple anchor spike on the bottom. It's perfect for setting up a proactive perimeter defense to keep crawling pests at bay and keep bait fresher, longer. Designed with the InTice™ Gelanimo™ 4 oz cup in mind, the Gelanimo™ cup top is simply removed and the cup dropped into the Border Patrol™. InTice™Border Patrol™ Systems also work well with InTice™ Granules for controlling a wide range of crawling pests.

InTice™ Border Patrol™ System Features:
* Keyless, snap-on lid for easy service and bait protection
* Four downward facing openings under the lid provide easy access for crawling pests while keeping out moisture
* Simple anchor spike for quick deployment
* Can also be used for granular bait such as InTice™ 10 Perimeter Bait ™ or liquid bait such as InTice™ Thiquid™ Ant Bait

InTice™ Border Patrol™ System Target Pests:
For controlling a wide range of crawling pests.

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InTiceâ„¢ Border Patrolâ„¢ System Brochure

InTiceâ„¢ Border Patrolâ„¢ System Size: plastic bait stations
InTiceâ„¢ Border Patrolâ„¢ System Category: Tool, Station, Bait, Crawling Insects
InTiceâ„¢ Border Patrolâ„¢ System Manufacturer: Rockwell Labs Ltd