Demon Max Termiticide


Demon Max Termiticide



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Demon Max Termiticide

Demon® Max Termiticide is THE proven and effective broad-spectrum general pest solution! It is fast-acting and has been trusted for years because it delivers consistent performance!


Demon® Max Termiticide provides residual pest control with dual action to control and repel over 30 types of pests including ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks and termites. Demon® Max is a dependable and cost effective choice that can be applied in, on and around buildings and structures; on soil, lawns, turf and vegetation; under and surrounding building foundations; and for spot or crack-and-crevice treatments.

Demon® Max Termiticide Features:
* Fast-acting
* Excellent mixing qualities
* Broad-spectrum control of more than 30 pests
* Dependable results
* Versatile use for both general pest and termite control
* Indoor and outdoor control options
* Cost-effective perimeter product

Demon® Max Termiticide Uses/Applications:
Use Directions: Whenever possible, make termite control applications near the structure foundation using soil injections. Apply a 0.25%-0.50% emulsion to establish subsurface termite control barriers as specified on product labeling. Consult State and local specifications for recommended distance of treatment areas from wells or, if such regulations do not exist, refer to Federal Housing Administration Specifications for guidance.

Mixing Directions: Mix the termiticide in the following manner:
1. Fill tank ¼ to ½ full with water.
2. Start pump to begin by-pass agitation and place end of treating tool in tank to allow circulation through hose.
3. Add appropriate amount of Demon Max.
4. Add remaining amount of water.
5. Let pump run and allow recirculation through the hose for 2-3 minutes.

Demon® Max Termiticide Target Pests:
Labeled Pests: Ants, ant mounds, Asian cockroaches, bark beetles, bees, borers, boxelder bugs, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, centipedes, chiggers, church bugs, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, elm leaf beetles, fire ants, firebrats, fleas, flies, ground beetles, gypsy moths, millipedes, mole crickets, mosquitoes, pillbugs, scorpions, silverfish, sowbugs, spiders, ticks, wasps, and wood infesting beetles.

Demon® Max Termiticide Active Ingredients:


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Demon® Max Brochure

Demon® Max Termiticide Active Ingredients:

Demon® Max Termiticide EPA Reg. No. 100-1218

Demon® Max Termiticide Size: 1 pint bottle / 1 gallon jug
Demon® Max Termiticide Class: Pyrethroid
Demon® Max Termiticide Category: Insecticide, Concentrate, Pests, Broad-spectrum
Demon® Max Termiticide Manufacturer: Syngenta


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