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InVade Mop Clean


InVade Mop Clean


InVade Mop Clean

InVade™ Mop Cleans™ blend of premium natural microbes, citrus oil and other cleaners will eliminate scum and organic odors through daily mopping and hard surface cleaning.

InVade™ Mop Clean™ Features:
* Pre-packaged in 4 oz puches for daily use - one pouch per typical 3-4 gallon mop bucket
* Full bi-lingual label on pouches and box
* Ideal for commercial kitchens - also great for non-floor surface cleaning such as urinals, under counters, and behind bars
* May be diluted in a 1 quart spray bottle for spray applications
* Eliminates organic build up and odors in cracks of floor tiles, baseboards and drains

InVade™ Mop Clean™ Uses/Applications:
InVade™ Mop Clean™ contains premium, natural, scum-eating, odor eliminating microbes, citrus oil and other cleaners. For mopping, pour one pouch into a standard mops bucket (about 2-4 gallons) of warm (not scalding hot) mop water. No other cleaners are needed. After mopping, pour remaining mop water in drains. For best results, use daily. For non-floor surface cleaning such as urinals, under counters, and behind bars, pour one pouch in a one quart spray bottle and dilute with water. Spray scummy areas until damp. Do NOT rinse treated areas or use bleach, caustic cleaners or disinfectants in mop or spray water. Do not apply to direct food contact surfaces.

Mopping cleans but also tends to push small bits of food, other organic matter and water into cracks, crevices and voids where it builds up and can cause problems over time. InVade™ Mop Clean™ contains probiotic microbes sepcifically designed to consume organic matter. When you mop with Mop Clean you're pushing hungry microbes into those cracks and crevices to literally eat the scum. Attack scum and organic matter mother nature's way, with natural soil derived microbes.

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InVadeâ„¢ Mop Cleanâ„¢ Brochure

InVadeâ„¢ Mop Cleanâ„¢ Size: Box of 32 x Individual 4 fl oz pouches
InVadeâ„¢ Mop Cleanâ„¢ Category: Bio Sanitation Product
InVadeâ„¢ Mop Cleanâ„¢ Manufacturer: Rockwell Labs Ltd.

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