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InVade Bio Zap


InVade Bio Zap


InVade Bio Zap

InVade™ Bio Zap is a versatile, ready-to-use microbial liquid for quickly eliminating organic odors at the source. Formulated with InVade™ Technology, exceptional results are obtained on a variety of surfaces without any harsh chemicals or odors.

InVade™ Bio Zap Features:
* Ideal for carpets, walla and fabrics - may also be used in garbage receptacles and restrooms
* Eliminates organic odors from animals or other sources on surfaces such as gravel, soil, crawl spaces, concrete basements and garages or insulation in attics
* Great for neutralizing bird droppings
* Contains citrus oil for a light and fresh scent
* Natural, biodegradable and non-pathogenic
* Suitable for fogging in applications such as crawl spaces

InVade™ Bio Zap Uses/Applications:
InVadeTM Bio ZapTM contains premium, natural, scum-eating, odor eliminating microbes. Citrus oil provides a fresh and pleasant scent. Product may be diluted with 1 to 2 parts water for spraying in an ongoing maintenance program. Spray walls, floors, carpets and fabrics where pet, smoke, dead animal, skunk or excrement odors originate, just to the point of wetness. Always check a small area for color fastness before use. Rinse garbage receptacles with water and then spray product liberally onto surfaces. Spray gravel or soil surfaces in crawl spaces, concrete in basements or garages and other areas where sewage or wildlife have left odors. Spray into cracks, crevices, on floors, in garbage receptacles, bathroom walls, voids and urinals to eliminate odors. InVade Bio Zap may also be fogged into crawlspaces. Do not apply to direct food contact surfaces. Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. If more than an incidental amount is swallowed, seek medical attention immediately. Give one glass of water and do not induce vomiting. Wash hands well after use. If in eyes, remove contacts and flush with water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention for any persistent irritation. Store in a closed, appropriately labeled container between 35 and 95 °F.

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InVadeâ„¢ Bio Zap Size: 32 fl oz bottle with spray top
InVadeâ„¢ Bio Zap Category: Bio Sanitation Product
InVadeâ„¢ Bio Zap Manufacturer: Rockwell Labs Ltd