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Invade Bio Bullet


Invade Bio Bullet

Choose Bio Bullet Quantity:
  • Single (1) 1 Lb Bullet - $18.95 each
  • (2) 1 Lb Bullets - $17.95 each
  • (3) 1 Lb Bullets - $15.95 each
  • Case of (12) 1 Lb Bullets - $10.87 each

InVade Bio Bullet

InVade™ Bio Bullet™ is a slow-dissolving solid block which contains premium, super-concentrated microbes for grease trap maintenance and other bio remediation applications. The non-toxic, naturally occurring bacteria are present in high concentration to handle difficult organic problems.

InVade™ Bio Bullet™ Features:
* Dissolves over a 30-90 day period in low flow drain systems for continuous treatment
* May be hung from drain covers to continuously treat scum and slow or smelly drains
* Reduces sludge, fats, oils and grease build up and other food-based waste and odors
* Will not harm plumbing, septic systems or municipal water treatment operations
* Available in 1 lb (perfect for interceptors and large floor drains) and 5 lb bullets (ideal for grease traps)

InVade™ Bio Bullet™ Uses/Applications:
InVade Bio Bullets contain grease and waste digesting, odor eliminating, non-pathogenic bacteria in a slowly dispersing solid matrix. The 5 lb Bio Bullets are ideal for hanging in grease traps and should be hung such that the water flow goes directly over the Bio Bullet, but ideally not submerged in the water. The 1 lb Bio Bullets are ideal for smaller grease traps, larger floor drains, and interceptors. One lb Bio Bullets should also be hung so that the water flow goes directly over the Bio Bullet. InVade Bio Bullets Minis are ideal for placement in urinals, soda fountain and beer tap drip trays, condensation pans, or on top of floor drains that are concealed under counters, etc. InVade Bio Bullets may also be used in other damp, scummy, smelly areas where organic matter tends to accumulate. InVade Bio Bullets will not harm plumbing, septic systems or municipal water treatment operations. InVade Bio Bullets will last between 30 and 90 days depending upon throughput. Drains with very hot water, such as directly off dishwashing systems, will degrade Bio Bullets more quickly. InVade Bio Bullets should be replaced when they are completely dispersed (gone). Precautions: Store and use out of reach of children. Wash hands after handling and before eating, drinking, smoking, or using the toilet.

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InVadeâ„¢ Bio Bulletâ„¢ Brochure

InVadeâ„¢ Bio Bulletâ„¢ Size: 1 lb block / 5 lb block
InVadeâ„¢ Bio Bulletâ„¢ Category: Bio Sanitation Product
InVadeâ„¢ Bio Bulletâ„¢ Manufacturer: Rockwell Labs Ltd.

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