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Natural Guard Compost Maker


Natural Guard Compost Maker


Natural Guard Compost Maker

Natural Guard Compost Maker provides all the ingredients necessary to turn leaves, grass clippings, and other forms of organic matter into a rich soil building mulch.

Natural Guard Compost Maker Features:
* Turns wastes into nutritionally rich soil amendment for flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and lawns
* Improves plant growth and vigor
* Improves soil's physical characteristics, making it more workable
* Holds plant nutrients and releases Nitrogen for plant and soil micro-organisms

Natural Guard Compost Maker Uses/Applications:
What Is Composting': Composting is the biological decomposition of organic matter into a product beneficial for plant growth and soil conditioning. Organic matter added to the soil as compost, improves plant growth and vigor, soil structure, drainage, holds plant nutrients and releases nitrogen for plant and soil microorganisms. Composting organic matter into a soil conditioner can be enhanced by using Natural Guard Compost Maker to speed up the composting process and insure that the finished compost will provide the proper nutrients and optimum moisture (about 50% moisture) as well as air, that are necessary for the microorganisms to breakdown organic matter. The amount and proportion of these nutrients is a critical factor to the quality of compost material created. Composting is generally considered to be complete when the color shifts to a dark brown or black, and the material becomes spongy. Thoroughly prepared compost will have an earthy odor, not moldy or sour. Natural Guard Compost Maker can help you decrease the volume of wastes put on the curb in plastic bags and turn it into a valuable product to enhance your gardening endeavors.

To Make Compost: Begin building layers of organic materials (leaves, grass clippings, soil, etc.) in a compost bin. Evenly spread 1 cup of Natural Guard Compost Maker over the top of each layer added. Spray with water periodically to keep pile moist. Turn the pile and reapply Compost Maker once every 3-4 weeks. Within 60-75 days the pile should be ready to use.

Application: Spread the composted material about 2 inches deep and work into the top 3-4 inches of soil.

Natural Guard Compost Maker Active Ingredient:
Sub-bituminous Humic Blood Meal

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Natural Guard Compost Maker Active Ingredient:
Sub-bituminous Humic Blood Meal

Natural Guard Compost Maker Size: 3 lb bag
Natural Guard Compost Maker Category: Soil Amendment
Natural Guard Compost Maker Manufacturer: Voluntary Purchasing Group, Inc.