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EndZone Insecticide Sticker


EndZone Insecticide Sticker

Not For Sale TO: AL, CA, DC, OR, HI


EndZone Insecticide Sticker

EndZone Insecticide Sticker was designed to give you a totoally unique filth fly service offering that's discreet, affordable, and incredibly easy to use!

EndZone Insecticide Sticker Features:
* Coated in a sugar bait matrix to attract filth flies
* Formulated with 4.4% acetamiprid, the same powerful ingredient found in Transport Mikron Insecticide
* Proven to deliver knockdown of adult filth flies in just one minute!
* Remains effective for up to 7 months indoors and up to 4 months outdoors
* Use 1 sticker per 1,000³

EndZone Insecticide Sticker Uses/Applications:
EndZone Insecticide Sticker kills flies that land on the sticker surface and ingest the sticker coating. Stickers work best when placed on or near a window or other light source. However, in the absence of light or under low-light conditions, stickers may be placed near a potential fly food source (such as inside a garbage can). Stickers are effective for up to seven months when placed indoors and up to 4 months when placed outdoors but protected from rain.

No fumes or vapors are released. The coating on each sticker is attractive to flies. Flies ingest the coating and start to die within one minute. Dead flies do not stick to the surface. Remove dead flies with a brush or broom and dispose in trash, or by vacuuming. If a catch basin is used, remove dead flies on a routine basis.

Place stickers on windows, near light sources or other places, areas or surfaces where flies congregate. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Stickers may be adhered to the outside and inside of fly light traps and bait stations. Stickers may be placed in commercial trash areas, kitchens and food storage areas. Place stickers in areas so that they avoid becoming wet.

The number of stickers to use is based on the size of the area where flies are found. One sticker per 1000 cubic feet is recommended. Use more stickers for heavy infestations. In rooms with high infestations, or for quicker results, place a sticker in each window. Keep stickers dry after application. Replace stickers that were applied indoors after 7 months or outdoors after 4 months or as needed. Replace stickers sooner when contaminated by dust, dirt, filth, etc.

Applying Stickers: Stickers have an adhesive coating on one side and a plastic cover on the other. With dry hands remove cover from the adhesive coating side first. Place sticker in desired location. Once sticker is adhered, remove the plastic cover to expose the attractive coating.

EndZone Insecticide Sticker Target Pests:
Used to kill the following filth flies: House flies, little house flies, blow flies, bottle flies, flesh flies, phorid flies, fungus gnats, and vinegar (fruit) flies.

EndZone Insecticide Sticker Active Ingredient:

Not For Sale: AL, CA, DC, OR, & HI

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EndZone Insecticide Sticker Active Ingredient:

EndZone Insecticide Sticker EPA Reg. No. 8033-114-279

EndZone Insecticide Sticker Size: 20 Stickers/Box
EndZone Insecticide Sticker Class: Neonicotinoid
EndZone Insecticide Sticker Category: Insecticide, Sticker
EndZone Insecticide Sticker Manufacturer: FMC Corporation

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