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JT Eaton Bait Block Apple


JT Eaton Bait Block - Apple

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BAIT BLOCK Rodenticide - Apple

These apple flavored bait blocks provide an easy, thorough solution to your mouse and rat control needs!

Bait Blocks are an effective rat and mouse killer that works in any kind of weather! Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, JT Eaton Bait Blocks are formulated with a blend of natural foods and grains that are preferred by both rats and mice. They love the apple flavor and will continue to return to the bait again and again. Bait Blocks are accepted for use in federally inspected food plants, and meet government labeling requirements.

BAIT BLOCK Rodenticide Features:
* For indoor and outdoor use
* 9 lb. pail of 72 two ounce blocks.
* Center hole to easily secure bait.
* Mold and moisture resistant.
* Kills Norway rats, roof rats and house mice in wet or dry areas.
* Apple flavor for greater rodent attraction

BAIT BLOCK Rodenticide Uses / Applications:
Indoor or outdoor use.

These bait blocks feature a highly palatable apple flavor to lure in unwanted rodents, and a powerful rodenticide for maximum effectiveness. A central hole allows them to be conveniently mounted onto holder rods or secured with wire or nails around your facility.

Each tamper-evident 9 lb. pail contains (72) 2 oz. blocks, and each block is color-coded brown to prevent misuse.

BAIT BLOCK Rodenticide Target Pests:
Norway Rat, Roof Rats and House Mice

BAIT BLOCK Rodenticide Active Ingredient(s):
Diphacinone CAS [82-66-6]...........................0.005%
Not For Sale To: CA

New product
Not For Sale To: CA

BAIT BLOCK Rodenticide Active Ingredient(s):
Diphacinone CAS [82-66-6]...........................0.005%

BAIT BLOCK Rodenticide EPA REG. NO. 56-74:

BAIT BLOCK Rodenticide Size: 9 lb pail with 72 2 oz blocks
BAIT BLOCK Rodenticide Category: Rodent Bait
BAIT BLOCK Rodenticide Manufacturer: J.T. Eaton

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