Get rid of Acrobat ants easily. They get their name from the unusual way that they hold their rear end or "abdomen" up in the air. It's a funny sight to see hundreds of acrobat ants crawling around with their rear end in the air! Their nests are small and often found around outdoor window frames, eaves and behind insulated trim and siding. They don't do much damage, sting or bite. So learn how to control and get rid of Acrobat ants easily!

Get Rid of Acrobat Ants

Acrobat Ant Identification

A heart shaped abdomen that is very easy to see is their most prominent feature. The other prominent feature and the reason these ants are given the name "acrobat" is because they bend and raise their abdomen into the air. This bending and raising of their abdomen is a defensive stance to ward off other enemies and ants. When Acrobat ants are in their defensive stance with abdomens raised, it is a funny sight. All of the ants will be in a continuous trail and have their abdomens raised into the air. This defensive stance is important to Acrobat ants because they have no other defense mechanism. They do not sting or bite. For this reason they become easy prey for other ant species, especially fire ants.

Acrobat Ant Size: 1/8 inch (2.6mm) Color: red, brown or dark tan Workers all same size