Most growers spray pesticides and use scatter baits to control ants in their fields. It's an endless task that results in using huge amounts in a single growing season. But using pesticides in large grow fields to control ants seldom results in control. Why? because using topical pesticides only kills the exposed worker ants. It does not control the colony, kings or queens.

Ant Control in Agriculture and Food Crops

KM Ant Pro in Crop Rows KM Ant Pro in Crop Rows In Agricultural applications large areas can be treated with Ant Pros. This eliminates the need to spread pesticides on crops, pastures and where livestock live and graze. Orchards and harvesting areas will be much safer for workers. The cost of control for imported fire ants, argentine ants, white-footed ants and many other species of ant is greatly reduced. In severely ant infested areas, place 1 Km Ant Pro dispenser every 50 linear feet or 2500 square feet. For maintenance or preventive programs place 1 Ant Pro every 100 feet or 10,000 square feet. Four (4) Ant Pro dispensers will normally treat an entire acre of land.

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