How To Get Rid of Odorous House Ants

Spraying liquid pesticides for Odorous house ants usually will result in rapid egg laying. This causes them to multiply faster making them worse. In order to kill and control these ants, the nest and the queens have to be eradicated and egg laying stopped. Spraying chemicals on baseboards and in cabinets won't kill the queens or hidden nest(s) inside the walls. Spraying outdoor areas can be expensive, time consuming and require repeated frequent applications. In most cases, using a liquid ant bait to control them works best. But it has to be applied outdoors.

Indoor Control

Insecticidal Dusts

Gel Baits and Bait Stations

Odorous house ants can also be controlled by using Ant Gel Baits such as Advion Ant Gel Bait - if they feed on it. This bait has to be applied wherever the ants are seen. It also have to be monitored and replaced as soon as the ants devour it. Daily inspection of the bait is necessary and re-baiting until the ants are completely gone is essential. Putting out a gel bait one time will not work in most cases.

Bait disks such as Maxforce Ant Bait Stations are a professional quality product that are easy to use and can also kill Odorous house ants. Simply place them wherever ants are seen and replace them when the bait is gone. This station has red see through lid that allows you to see the bait. When the bait is devoured by the ants, replace the station. Keep replacing the stations until all signs of ants are gone.

If insecticidal dusts, gel baits or bait disks don't seem to be working, then focus your efforts outdoors. Outdoor control of Odorous house ants is key to long term control. Any indoor control can be short term. If they are nesting and colonizing outdoors, then an outdoor treatment program is essential to any control effort.

The KM Ant Pro Liquid Bait system is the best overall approach to Odorous house ant control and is only used outdoors.

Outdoor Control

Outdoors, Odorous house ants live under mulch, bark, rocks, logs and almost anywhere a damp environment exists. Treatment of these areas with a residual liquid insecticide can help and even eliminate them entirely. These ants can also live in trees and shrubs due to their affinity for aphids and mealy bugs which produce honeydew - a sugary substance that Odorous house ants love and routinely feed on. The problem is that an complete treatment of the lawn, trees and shrubs and every possible location where they live can be difficult. One gallon of liquid pesticide per 1,000 square feet is the normal rate of application. If the lawn or area around the structure is several thousand square feet, it will take many gallons of spray with a hand pump sprayer. A quarter acre lawn (12,000 square feet) will take 12 + gallons of spray not including trees and shrubs. If on the other hand commercial spraying equipment is available, then this type of treatment may be more realistic.

Outdoor Baiting

When Odorous house ants find the KM Ant Pro dispenser, they begin feeding. The active ingredient used in Greenway / Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait is boric acid - the same material mentioned earlier in BorActin. The ants slowly begin dying and over a period of 60-90 days. The nests and colonies soon starve and crash. The benefit to using outdoor liquid baits, is that the workload and treatment time is reduced drastically. There also is practically ZERO effect on the environment because no pesticides are used. The main benefit however is that ants located off premises can be intercepted and killed before they infest and start new nests. Outdoor baiting can provide a barrier to help prevent future infestations. The KM Ant Pro Liquid Bait System not only kills Odorous house ants indoors, it kills them outdoors. That's because ants the infest indoors will go outdoors to find food sources. The KM Ant Pro System provides this alternative food source. It's proven in University testing by the University of California at Riverside and has patents in the USA and in Europe. If you are looking of an easy solution to killing Odorous house ants, there really is nothing easier than the KM Ant Pro System.

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If You Must Spray Pesticides.....

Non-repellent pesticides are not available at hardware stores or most farm and feed stores. Almost all are professional quality and only available through a specialty distributor such as ePestSupply. Fuse Insecticide and Termidor Foam can also be used. These products can kill Odorous house ants, but are not as efficient as liquid baits. They are also considered moderately toxic making them unsuitable for use in sensitive areas such as hospitals and nurseries. Insecticide dusts such as Timbor and BorActin can be used inside of walls, voids and cracks and crevices. These products are essentially Boric Acid based, non-repellent and very safe. Insecticide dusts will not kill the colony and will only kill the exposed worker ants.

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