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Bird-X GooseBuster Pro

Bird-X GooseBuster Pro

Bird-X GooseBuster Pro

Bird-X GooseBuster Pro is the single-speaker version of the original GooseBuster. With over 30 years of field studies and research, what more can you ask for!

Bird-X GooseBuster Pro was developed using decades of scientific research involving the behaviors & vocal communications of Canada geese. This system employs authentic goose alert & alarm calls recorded in the wild & are still the only such recordings in existence.

Bird-X GooseBuster Pro Features:
* Extremely effective in reducing and eliminating geese
* Audio makes areas uninhabitable for geese
* Geese learn not to return through behavior modification
* Customizable settings
* Completely humane
* Developed with decades of research
* Covers up to 1.5 acre per unit; pairing units covers 4-6 acres!

Actual alert and alarm calls recorded in the wild. Geese recognize these calls and respond instinctively (to 'alert' calls indicating uneasiness about potential danger and 'alarm' calls signifying immediate danger). Reacting to either, they evacuate instantly, without waiting to identify the source.

Different calls in random combinations. GooseBuster broadcasts its calls in random combinations. Calls differ in frequency, duration and intervals. Sound combinations, sequences and speaker selection change randomly, leading geese to perceive many birds many locations.

New arrivals leave abruptly in a panic, encouraging original residents to leave as well. GooseBuster causes other birds to exhibit their alarm calls, giving geese a greater sense of danger.

30 years of research. GooseBuster is the tangible result of 30 years of research conducted by Dr. Philip Whitford, Associate Professor of Biology at Capital University. Since 1979, Dr. Whitford has been studying Canada goose behavior and vocal communications, then presenting and publishing his findings. He holds his PhD in biological sciences in the field of animal behavior, and BS and MS degrees in wildlife management.

Bird-X GooseBuster Pro Uses/Applications:
Effective coverage up to one & a half (1.5) acres (43,560 sq ft; or cover up to 4-6 acres with 2 units). Recommended for large, outdoor spaces experiencing goose problems.

Instructions & Specifications: Use 1 unit to protect up to 1.5 acres of outdoor space from pest geese; 2 units will protect up to 3-5 acres due to amplification.

All hardware included.

Bird-X GooseBuster Pro Target Pests:
Effectively Repels: Geese, Ducks, and Other Waterfowl.


New product
Bird-X GooseBuster Pro Dimensions: Control Unit 6" x 6" x 3.5", Speakers 5.5" x 5.5" x 5"
Bird-X GooseBuster Pro Box Dimensions: 12" x 9" x 7" / Shipping Weight 4 lbs
Bird-X GooseBuster Pro Speakers: 8 ohms, 30 watts
Bird-X GooseBuster Pro Power Requirements: 1 Amp 110VAC or 220VAC adaptor, or 12VDC
Bird-X GooseBuster Pro Cords: 110 cord is 50ft / 220v & 240v cords are 6 ft
Bird-X GooseBuster Pro Sound Pressure: 0-110 dB at 1 meter (single speaker)
Bird-X GooseBuster Pro Frequency: 500 ~ 1,500 Hz
Bird-X GooseBuster Pro Compliance: Supply power source is UL, CUL, & CE listed
Bird-X GooseBuster Pro EPA Registration: EPA Est. 075130-OR-001
Bird-X GooseBuster Pro Body: NEMA type box
Bird-X GooseBuster Pro Manufacturer: Bird-X