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Victor Out O' Sight Mole Trap (VICOUTOFSIGHT)

Victor Out O' Sight Mole Trap VICOUTOFSIGHT


Victor Out O' Sight Mole Trap 

Victor Out O' Sight Mole Trap


Victor Out O' Sight Mole Trap Features:
* Protects Lawns, Gardens & Shrubs From Mole Damage
* Non-poisonous and safe for the environment
* Manufactured for superior strength and long life
* Can be used with any species of mole
* Easy to follow directions included

Victor Out O' Sight Mole Trap Uses / Applications:
Trapping is best because newly made surface tunnels are easy to spot. Moles can be trapped during any season except in very cold or dry weather. See Moles under the pest information section for complete mole trapping information.

The presence of moles will be indicated by mounds of soil as they construct their tunnels.

To locate tunnels in frequent use, clear away a mound of soil and probe for the opening - usually a short passage that leads down a few inches to the main tunnel.

Once you have located the opening, place the trap in this tunnel. Complete instructions for placing and setting the trap are included with this package.

Carefully follow the setting and use instructions provided. Like many lawn and garden tools, misuse could result in injury. This device should be kept out of the reach of children or the hands of any person not familiar with its operation.

Victor Mole Trap Target Pests:


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