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Atrix Lil' Red HEPA Vacuum AHSC1


Atrix Lil' Red HEPA Vacuum 

Atrix Lil' Red HEPA Vacuum


Atrix Lil' Red HEPA Vacuum is the perfect solution for cleaning apartments, condos, stairways, offices, and cars!

Atrix Lil' Red HEPA Vacuum Features:
* 3 stages of filtration
* Variable speed control
* 2 qt disposible HEPA filter bag
* 1200 watt motor
* Full bag indicator light
* Retractable power cord
* Weighs less than 6 lbs
* 1 year warranty

The Atrix Lil' Red HEPA Vacuum weighs only a few pounds and carrying it up the steps to the kid's play area or an occasional tree house is easy. Not only at home, but a few solid vacuum sessions later around the office and you'll also be glad it has wheels for excellent all-around mobility. The Lil' Red is trim with smooth lines and well balanced to take on the load without lugging or tugging. This vacuum also comes with an optional Pet Grooming Kit to give your favorite cat or dog a good pelt massage while keeping the surrounding area clean of dander and loose hair.

In a pinch, the on-board attachments give the Lil' Red a can-do attitude in changing focus in cleaning different areas. Take for instance vacuuming an automobile or recreational vehicle. Of course, most of the attention is on floor cleaning where all the grit is; but when sneaky snack chips peep out between cushions or seats; nab them up right-then-and-there with a quick utility swap.

Many vacuums use only one filter, the Lil Red steps it up a couple notches to three filters. The primary collection HEPA filter bag is pliable and a snap to replace. The collection filter should be replaced after each bed bug treatment to avoid reinfestation. It is impressive the amount of pet hair, dander, dust and crud the HEPA bag will hold. When the HEPA bag is nearing its capacity a sensor will flip on the bag-full indicator to let you know it's time for a replacement. Two other filters are used to trap incidental particles in the motor's vacuum intake chamber and exhaust vent. These don't necessarily need to be replaced as often as the collection bag; as needed, just hand wash, dry, reuse. You may hardly notice them but they are an important part of the Lil Red's whole project cleaning plan.

Atrix Lil' Red HEPA Vacuum Accessories:
* Hard floor brush
* Telescopic wand
* Furniture nozzle
* Crevice tool/brush
* Round dust brush
* Short carpet tool

Atrix AHSC1