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Super Plugs

Super Plugs


Super Plugs

Super Plug Size:
  • 3/8 "
  • 1/2"
  • 9/16"
Super Plug Quantity

Super Plugs

Super Plugs are perfect for preventing the geysering effect that has always been a problem for termite specialists!

Super Plugs will prevent this from occurring in the many sensitive areas of a structure. Since liquids follow the path of least resistance, the next drilled hole may geyser pesticide. By using Super Plugs, the pesticide is forced to remain under the concrete, allowing a more thorough treatment, without the danger of liquid pesticides spilling in the structure or exposing the technician. Non-sealing plugs and even the existing sealing plugs will force up and out of the hole.

Super Plugs Features:
* Available in 4 sizes
* Packaged in 250 count resealable bags
* Prevent geysering of pesticides
* Made of tough, chemical resistant polyethylene


Super Plugs Uses/Applications:
Use plugs to fill holes after drilling through concrete slabs during a termite treatment to prevent pesticides from coming back out of the hole.

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