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Termidor HE High Efficiency Termiticide

Termidor HE High Efficiency Termiticide


MSRP - $279.95 Save $15.00 - Makes 99 Gallons of Spray!

Termidor HE Label - English

Termidor HE Label - Espanol

Termidor HE SDS - English

Termidor HE SDS - Espanol

Not For Sale To: AL, CT, NY, SC, VT

Termidor HE improves productivity with a new molecular technology that creates an Enhanced Protection Zone with less water, smaller trenches, wider drill hole spacing, and shallower minimum treatment depths.

However challenging the job, Termidor® HE termiticide cuts time and labor to make your work easier. Its breakthrough molecular technology allows for half the water, 50% shallower treatment depths, 33% fewer drill holes, and 77% smaller trenches.

For more than a decade, Termidor Termiticide/Insecticide has set the standard for termite control efficacy. Simply put, no other termite control product in existence is more effective at controlling termites and protecting homes from termite damage.

Termidor HE redefines termiticide application precision, volume, labor and time by taking liquid termiticide application to the next level.

This is applied using half the water, with no reduction in active ingredient to the soil. It allows for 77% smaller trenches, 33% fewer drill holes, and 50% shallower minimum treatment depths.

These radically streamlined application techniques are made possible by the unique chemistry of Termidor HE that helps improve the dispersal of the active ingredient and creates an Enhanced Protection Zone.

Termidor HE Benefits:
* Termidor HE is dispersed more evenly through the soil than standard liquid termite treatments, creating an Enhanced Protection Zone.
* Termidor HE "locks" to the soil around homes where it stays put and stays effective.
* Has the potential to save millions of gallons of water every year.
* Ensures a more precise application of termiticide around homes.
* Reduces the need for much of the disruption, digging, and drilling around homes.
* Termidor HE is the latest innovation in Termidor technology.

- Less Water: 2 Gallons Per 10 Linear Feet - In the case of a 200 linear foot home, as few as 40 gallons (333 pounds) of finished solution are needed with Termidor HE, versus as many as 80 gallons (666 pounds) with industry standard treatments (refers to Termidor SC or Termidor 80 WG).

- Smaller Trenches: 2-inches Deep by 4-inches Wide - In the case of a 200 linear foot home, the amount of soil that needs to be removed and replaced with Termidor HE is approximately one ton less than with industry standard treatments. (Calculations based on average weight of soil at 78 pounds per cubic foot.)

- Wider Spacing for Drilling and Rodding: 18-inches - For every 10 linear feet, 3.3 fewer drill holes are required with Termidor HE versus industry standard treatments. This means, for a 200 linear foot home, as many as 66 fewer drill holes, or 33% fewer drill holes, are required.

- Shallower Minimum Treatment Depth: 2-Feet - For footings more than 2 feet below grade, trench/rod into the trench or trench alone along foundation to minimum depth of 2 feet. Like with other Termidor products, depth of treatment will vary depending on various factors (see label).

Termidor HE Target Pests:
Subterranean, arboreal, drywood and dampwood termites including species of Reticulitermes, Coptotermes, Heterotermes, nasutitermes, and Zootermopsis.

Termidor HE Active Ingredient:
Fipronil .............................. 8.73%

New product
Termidor HE Active Ingredient:
Fipronil .............................. 9.1%

Termidor HE EPA Reg. # 7969-329

Termidor HE Size: 79 fl oz.
Termidor HE Category: Termiticide
Termidor HE Manufacturer: BASF, The Chemical Company

Not For Sale In: Alaska, Connecticut, New York, South Carolina

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