Cleanrth Flylight Trap 75 Watt Daylight LED Light Bulb


75 Watt Daylight LED Light Bulb Trap

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Cleanrth LED FLylight Attracts & Vacuums Bug Away!

The Cleanrth LED Flylight is a light bulb an all in 1 light bulb and trap.  It quietly and efficiently attracts and sucks flies and flying insects into itself. No more swarming bugs around a bug light, no more zapping sounds. Non-toxic and completely safe. The discreet design allows for easy emptying, and screws into standard light fixtures. Low cost, and efficient, the Clearth LED Flylight is available in 2 colors - bright Daylight and Warm white.

Clearth LED Fly Light

Effective Fly Control For Homes and Offices

Simply replace existing light bulbs in lamps, table lamps and hanging fixtures with the Cleanrth LED Flylight.  The LED bulb will attract flies and gnats and powerful vacuum will suck them into a small chamber.  Help to reduce flies indoors and get rid of annoying flying insects indoors.

Discreet Fly Control For Buildings and Restaurants

Fly control in commercial buildings and food handling facilities can be really troublesome.  Dining areas, bars, sitting areas, waiting areas and other areas where people frequent can't use pesticides or hanging traps to kill flies.  Most commercially available fly traps are too large and bulky and are also an eye sore.

The Cleanrth LED Flylight is the perfect solution in areas where fly control needs to be discreet.  Replace existing light bulbs with the Cleanrth LED Flylights and not only save money through reduced electricity charges, but control flies with an effective hidden trap.  It's a money saving device that pays for itself over and over!


*  Vacuums and traps flies and flying insects

*  No Mess, no hassle, no pesticides

*  Attracts and captures bugs in a small chamber

*  Available in Warm and Daylight models

Cleanrth LED Flylight uses

For Interior and Exterior Use in:

*  Homes

*  Restaurants

*  Kitchens

*  Patios

*  Bars

*  Kitchens

*  Lobbies

*  Offices

*  Anywhere standard 110V light bulbs are used!


*  Warm - 1100 Lumens

*  75 Watts

*  Estimated cost to operate - $1.18 per year