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Flea and Tick Home and Lawn Kit

Flea and Tick Home and Lawn Kit


Flea and Tick Home and Lawn Kit

Not for sale To: NY, SC, MA 

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Flea and Tick Control Kit

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Flea and Tick Control Kit contains professional quality flea and tick control products, everything you need to treat your house and lawn just like a pro!

This easy to use Flea and Tick Control Kit is fully customizable with or without sprayer and extra cans of Ultracide Aerosol Flea Spray. This kit contains the exact products that professionals use to control fleas and ticks inside, outside and on animal.

These products are not available in any hardware store or veterinary clinic.

Basic Flea and Tick Control Kit Contains:
1 - Ultracide Aerosol Flea Spray - 20 oz ($32.95 List)
1 - Bifen IT - 4oz ($19.95 List)
3 - Residual Foggers ($31.20 List)
1 - PetCor Animal Flea Spray (Pet Spray) ($21.95 List)
FREE Shipping and Handling - ($9.95)

Individual Flea and Tick Control Kit Cost - $106.05
Combined Discounted Kit Cost - $84.95
You Save Over $20.00!

Flea and Tick Control Kit Uses:
Apartments, Automobiles, Homes, Hospitals, Hotels, Kennels, Motels, Offices, Schools, Supermarkets, Transportation Equipment (Buses, Boats, Ships, Trains, Trucks), Warehouses, Utilities, Veterinary Clinics and Other Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Flea and Tick Control Kit Uses / Applications:
* Ultracide - carpet, furniture and floor treatment, contains IGR to kill immature fleas and stop reproduction
* Residual Foggers - use immediately after Ultracide treatment, kills adult fleas fast
* Bifen IT - lawn and outdoor treatment, contains permethrin for fast kill of adult fleas
* Petcor Animal Spray - spray directly on animals, including kittens and puppies for fast kill of adult and immature fleas

This kit contains enough products to treat the average 2,000 foot home 2 times. Residual foggers are for initial application only. Each can of Ultracide will treat approximately 2600 sq. ft. of carpet and floors. Bifen IT contains enough to treat the average yard 2 times. Petcor contains enough product to treat 8 average size animals. Purchase more Ultracide, more Bifen IT and more Petcor if needed. Hand Pump sprayer needed to apply Bifen IT (Available with the EXTRA kit).

Flea and Tick Control Kit Target Pests:
Fleas, Ticks

Not for sale to: NY, SC, & MA 

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NY, SC, & MA Residents: Bifen is not legal for sale in your state. You will be shipped (1) 16 oz SEVIN Concentrate Bug Killer for outdoor and lawn use.

Ground Delivery Only

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