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Demand G Insecticide


Demand G Insecticide

Demand G Insecticide

With Demand G Insecticide's innovative formulation process, the granular perimeter treatment of Demand G with Active Release technology provides powerful and efficient protection against nearly 30 species of pests. Demand G is exclusively engineered with an enhanced solvent for the optimal release of its active ingredient, lambda-cyhalothrin, from the granule.

Demand G Insecticide Features:
* Specially formulated optimal release of insecticide
* Ideal for applications in damp and windy conditions
* Labeled for lawn, landscape and perimeter use
* Superior efficiency provides more treatments per package than traditional granules
* Approved for residential, commercial and institutional applications

Demand G Insecticide Uses:
LAWN AND PERIMETER PEST CONTROL: Turf and ornamental ground covers, residential and non-residential landscapes around institutional, public, commercial and industrial buildings, parks, recreational areas, and athletic fields. Also for use around structures and landscapes on areas of bare soil, mulched areas or vegetation not being grown for food use.

Broadcast Demand G Insecticide with suitable application equipment to ensure uniform coverage over the treatment area. The application rates listed in the Lawn and Perimeter Use rate table will provide control of the respective pests under typical conditions. Use higher use rate for longer length of control.

Although not required, optimal results may be achieved by watering in granules after application as the active ingredient is released from the granule in the presence of moisture. For perimeter treatments around foundations, applications may be made as needed during periods of pest pressure. Do not exceed 18 lb. per 1000 ft. or 800 lb./A per year.

Demand G Insecticide Target Pests:
Ants, Armyworms, Beetles, Centipedes, Cockroaches, Crickets, Cutworms, Earwigs, European Crane flies, Firebrats, Fleas, Grasshoppers, Green June Beetles, Japanese Beetle (adult), Leafhoppers, Millipedes, Mites, Palmetto bugs, Pillbugs, Silverfish, Sod webworms (Lawn moths), Sowbugs, Spider Mites (Twospotted, Spruce), Spittlebugs, Springtails, Ticks, Waterbugs, Billbugs, Chinch bugs, Dung beetles*, Green June beetle grubs*, Hyperodes weevils, Japanese beetle grubs*, Mole crickets, Ants
*suppression only

Demand G Insecticide Active Ingredient:
Lambda-cyhalothrin*................................0.045% *Synthetic pyrethroid, granule

Reg. Price $ 64.95

New product
Demand G Insecticide Active Ingredient:
*Synthetic pyrethroid, granule

Demand G Insecticide EPA Reg. No. 100-1240

Demand G Insecticide Size: 25 lbs
Demand G Insecticide Chemical Class: Pyrethroid Insecticide
Demand G Insecticide Category: Granular Insecticide
Demand G Insecticide Manufacturer: Syngenta

Not for sale in: New York, South Carolina

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