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Nuvan ProStrips Plus


Nuvan ProStrips Plus

Limited Quantity Available. Will Soon Be Discontinued.

Not For Sale To: CT, NY, WA

Nuvan Pro Strip Plus

The NUVAN PROSTRIPS Plus utilize controlled release technology to slowly diffuse a deep penetrating vapor in enclosed spaces for up to 4 months. The clean, odorless vapor is evenly distributed throughout the enclosed treatment area, killing visible and hidden insects on contact and preventing new insect infestations (while you're away).

Compare to: Nuvan Pro Strip Small, Insect Guard

Not For Sale To: NY

Nuvan Pro Strip Plus Features:
* Long lasting formula lasts for up to 4 months
* One 65 gram strip treats up to 1200 square feet (8'x10'x11' area)
* Broad use label for many different applications
* Convenient 3 pack treats up to 3600 square feet
* Contains dichlorvos (Vapona, DDVP)

Nuvan Pro Strip Plus Applications:
FOR USE IN AND AROUND: apartments, homes, commercial structures, hotels, kennels, motels and veterinary clinics.

FOR CONTROL OF BEDBUGS AND BEDBUG EGGS: NUVAN PROSTRIPS PLUS may be used to control crawling bedbug nymphs and adults exposed to product vapors for 48 hours. In difficult to treat areas, a minimum treatment time of 72 hours will provide better results. The strip may be used to control bedbugs that have entered various items in an infested structure including, but not limited to: electronics, appliances, footwear, art work, collectibles, plush toys, clocks, radios, wall hangings, telephones, computers, printers, mattresses, box springs, books, lamps, furniture and other such items. Place infested items in a container or room that is closed in a manner to contain the strip vapors during treatment. The sealed volume for treatment should not exceed the volume to be treated for the size of the strip used. Multiple strips can be used in a large space and should be distributed uniformly over the space being treated. Take care to avoid direct contact of the strip with the surface of items being treated. Seal items in the treatment for a minimum of 48 hours to kill bedbug nymphs and adults. To kill any bedbug eggs, seal items in the treatment space for seven days if bedbug eggs are suspected to be present. The presence of air space or volume within the sealed treatment space is desirable to enhance the exposure to the product vapors. Identify sealed treatment areas by label indicating a pesticide treatment is in process that should not be disturbed by unauthorized persons and the label should include the date, pest professional person or company responsible and contact telephone number. When treatment is completed, remove treated items from the treatment in a well ventilated area and air out for a period of not less than two hours.

Nuvan Pro Strip Plus Target Pests:
KILLS: Flies, mosquitoes, commodity grain pests, gnats, bedbugs and numerous other pests including cockroaches, moths, beetles, scorpions, spiders, fleas, ticks and more.

Nuvan Pro Strip Plus Active Ingredient:
Dichlorvos (2,2-dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate)........................18.6%

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Nuvan Pro Strip Plus Active Ingredient:
Dichlorvos (2,2-dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate)........................18.6%

Nuvan Pro Strip Plus EPA Reg. No. 5481-554

Nuvan Pro Strip Plus Size: 65 grams (2.29 oz) - (3) per pack - Case: (6) 3 packs per case
Nuvan Pro Strip Plus Insecticide Class: Organophosphate
Nuvan Pro Strip Plus Manufacturer: Amvac

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