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Prescription Treatment Wasp Freeze II Wasp and Hornet Insecticide


14 oz Can


PT Wasp-Freeze II kills on contact from 15 feet away. Specially formulated to provide instant knockdown of wasps and hornets.

PT Wasp-Freeze II Features:
  Kills wasps and stinging insects instantly
  Spray can travel 15 feet to provide applicator safety
  Residual activity ensures complete elimination of the nest
  Formulated with a high dielectric strength and exhibits no breakdown up to 49,300 volts and no arcing at 35,000 volts
  Knockdown is quick so no stinging pheromone is released, thus reducing the possibility of stings

PT Wasp-Freeze II Uses / Applications:
WASPS AND HORNETS: Hold container in upright position to treat. Stand safe distance, 6 - 15 feet from nest and not directly underneath. Align actuator opening with the mark on valve cup. Aim actuator opening toward nest. Treat nest until thoroughly wet. Wasps and hornets on nest should be contacted with spray when possible. Best time of day to treat is in evening or early morning, since wasps and hornets congregate on or in nest at night. Do not apply to pets or contaminate food, foodstuffs, dishes or utensils. For outdoor use only.

To prevent dying insects from falling on skin and clothing, avoid standing directly under nest being treated.

YELLOW JACKETS AND BEES: Locate underground nest. Align actuator opening directly opposite the mark on valve cup. Depress actuator and treat, with a sweeping motion, any stimulated or stirred-up insects around nest opening. Afterwards, move forward to nest opening and apply liquid for 6 - 8 seconds directly into nest hole. This will suffocate bees and yellow jackets in nest; other bees and yellow jackets trying to return to nest will be repelled and will fly around and away harmlessly.

SPIDERS, INCLUDING BLACK WIDOW AND BROWN RECLUSE: Apply spray directly onto spiders and web.

PT Wasp-Freeze II Target Pests:
Bees, Hornets, Spiders, Yellow Jackets and Wasps

PT Wasp-Freeze II Contains:


New product
PT Wasp-Freeze II Active Ingredients:

PT Wasp-Freeze II EPA Reg. No. 499-550

PT Wasp-Freeze II Size: 17.5 oz can - 12/case
PT Wasp-Freeze II Class: Pyrethroid
PT Wasp-Freeze II Category: Aerosols
PT Wasp-Freeze II Manufacturer: Whitmire Research Laboratories / BASF


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