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InVite Liquid Lure


InVite Liquid Lure


InVite Liquid Lure

InVite Liquid Lure is an economical choice for adding a versatile resource to efficiently and effectively attract and trap or kill small flies and yellow jackets.

InVite Liquid Lure is a versatile and economical attractant for a range of stinging insects and small flies. Simply place 1-4 oz of InVite Liquid Lure in a Yellow PFT hanging station or similar trap. For stinging insects, water, fruit-flavored soda, or fruit juice works best for dilution. For small flies, including red and dark-eyed fruit flies, phorid flies and drain flies, water, beer, or anything carbonated is ideal for mixing with the lure.

InVite Liquid Lure Features:

Attracts yellow jackets, European hornets, fruit flies, drain flies and phorid flies

For use indoors and outdoors

Concentrated non-pesticidal formula

InVite Liquid Lure Uses/Applications:

Shake well and pour 1- 4 oz. (depending upon level of alternative food in the area) of InVite Liquid Lure into the cup of the PFT Station and add water, soda or beer to fill the cup about half full. This product will also attract phorid flies and can be enhanced for this use by adding a small amount of Rockwell's InVite Kil Zone to the mixture. Hang the PFT Station in areas where target pests are present. To create a killing station, spray or wipe the PFT with an odorless residual insecticide. Replace when the cup is full or after one month. Submerge station in water prior to disposing of cup to kill any insects left alive. For use in ILTs, place InVite Liquid Lure in a small container such as Rockwell's BaitPlate, then place in or on the ILT. This product may also be used in other insect traps. To use on a glueboard, place a larger cotton ball on the glue and saturate with InVite Liquid Lure. For greater convenience on glueboards, use InVite Fruit Fly Lure Gel instead. Avoid ingestion and inhalation of fumes for extended periods. Store out of reach of children. For long term storage, avoid excessive heat. Used or left over InVite Liquid Lure and dead insects may be disposed of on site.

For pesticidal applications, a "kill zone" can be created by spraying a microcap such as LambdaStar 9.7% CS or FenvaStar EcoCap in a spot (about 2' x 2' is typical) followed with a spray application of InVite Liquid Lure.

For trapping applications, 1-4 oz of InVite Liquid Lure can be used with the Yellow PFT Station or other jar traps. Such a station can also be lightly sprayed with a microcap to increase the efficiency.

When using in traps for stinging insects dilution with water, fruit juice or fruit-flavored soda is preferred, while for small flies dilution with water, beer or any carbonated beverage works well.

Use in conjunction with light traps for fruit flies by placing 2 oz of InVite Liquid Lure into a condiment cup and setting it inside or on the trap – cotton balls can be put in the cup to minimize evaporation and spills.

InVite Liquid Lure Target Pests:

Attracts yellow jackets, European hornets, fruit flies, drain flies and phorid flies.

5 lb pail available available (Special order)

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InViteâ„¢ Liquid Lure Brochure

InViteâ„¢ Liquid Lure Size: 16 oz bottle / 5 gallon pail
InViteâ„¢ Liquid Lure Category: Lure, Liquid, Insects, Flying
InViteâ„¢ Liquid Lure Manufacturer: Rockwell Labs Ltd

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