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InVite Fruit Fly Lure


InVite Fruit Fly Lure


InVite Fruit Fly Lure

InVite™ Fruit Fly Lure is a non-toxic gel lure that promotes efficient trapping and monitoring of small flies at a minimal cost for the service professional.

InVite™ Fruit Fly Lure gel is the quick, easy way to trap and monitor small flies at minimal cost. Packaged in a standard size bait syringe, the gel is applied directly to glueboards of any shape and size. Results will likely be best if insect monitors are used rather than rodent glue boards, since small flies can easily escape some rodent glue boards. Insect monitors trap flies best if the trap is folded so that the glue surface is facing down or the trap is placed on the underside of a bar or counter.

InVite™ Fruit Fly Lure Features:
* For use indoors and outdoors
* Attracts red-eyed fruit flies, dark-eyed fruit flies, phorid flies and drain flies
* Packaged in standard size bait syringes

InVite™ Fruit Fly Lure Uses/Applications:
Place InVite Fruit Fly Lure in thick (¼") lines on "˜fold-up' glueboards or in other traps to attract fruit, phorid and drain flies. (For use in hanging cup or bottle style traps, or in ILTs, InVite Liquid Lure will be more effective than this product). More or less can be used depending upon the size of the glueboard or duration desired. A 0.4 g placement, which is about ½" long, will last up to 30 days. Product will become less effective as it dries. To create a killing station, place InVite Fruit Fly Lure on the D-Sect glueboard and wipe or lightly spray the D-Sect Station surfaces with an odorless residual insecticide.

InVite™ Fruit Fly Lure Target Pests:
Non-toxic gel lure for red and dark eyed fruit flies, phorid flies, and drain flies.

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InViteâ„¢ Fruit Fly Lure Brochure

InViteâ„¢ Fruit Fly Lure Size: 35 gram syringe
InViteâ„¢ Fruit Fly Lure Category: Tool, Lure, Flies
InViteâ„¢ Fruit Fly Lure Manufacturer: Rockwell Labs Ltd

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