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InVite Moth Lure Gel


InVite Moth Lure Gel


InVite Moth Lure Gel

InVite™ Moth Lure Gel is a broad use pantry moth attractant that generates outstanding results through its unique gelled-oil technology. This technology protects the pheromones prior to release and provides a more controlled and uniform release after application.

InVite™ Moth Lure Gel provides a more uniform release over time, resulting in a product that is effective for up to 90 days. Easy to use, the gel is packed in a 12-dose mini-syringe with convenient dosage markings on the tube. One dose is dispensed on any glueboard of the shape and size desired.

InVite™ Moth Lure Gel Features:
* Contains pheromones for attracting plodia, ephestia, Indian meal, tobacco, almond, Mediterranean flour, and raison moths
* Non-toxic, non-pesticidal formula is effective for up to 90 days
* Easy to use 12-dose mini-syringe with convenient dosage markings on the tube
* Can be applied to glueboards of any shape or size

InVite™ Moth Lure Gel Uses/Applications:
InVite™ Moth Lure Gel may be used on a glueboard in the D-Sect Station for discreet monitoring, in the Yellow Hanging PFT Station for high volume trapping without worrying about dust, or on any folding glueboard. To use in the D-Sect or on other glueboards, apply one dose (as indicated by the lines on the tube) in a thick bead directly to the center of the glueboard. To use in the Hanging PFT, put water in the cup about half full (a drop of dish soap can be added to the water to help moths drown) and apply one dose in a thick bead on the side of the cup above the water, or on the underside of the retainer ring. Don't worry if the gel touches the water; it is completely oil-based so water will not affect it as long as it is not submerged under water.

Placement: Place traps on walls or shelving or hang. InVite™ Moth Lure gel will remain active for 90 days, or potentially longer in cool areas.

1. Place traps a little above eye level, preferably near or on walls, since adult moths often rest on walls.
2. Moths fly more in warmer temperatures, so place traps in areas above 60 ºF, preferably in areas with some air movement.
3.The sex pheromone will draw male moths from 30-50 feet away, or further if there is good air flow. In warehouses, place traps in a grid pattern every 50-100 feet. The grid may be tightened or loosened by adjusting the dose of gel used.

InVite™ Moth Lure Gel Target Pests:
Attracts plodia, ephestia, Indian meal, tobacco, almond, Mediterranean flour and raisin moths.

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InViteâ„¢ Moth Lure Gel Size:
InViteâ„¢ Moth Lure Gel Category: Tool, Lure, Gel, Moth
InViteâ„¢ Moth Lure Gel Manufacturer: Rockwell Labs Ltd

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