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D Sect IPM Station


D-Sect IPM Station


D-Sect IPM Station

D-Sect™ IPM Station is a discrete, tamper-resistant station for baiting, monitoring, trapping and killing virtually any crawling insect and some flying insects. It's the ultimate solution for conveying a clean, professional image.

D-Sect™ IPM Station Features:
* Perfect for use in residential, commercial or industrial applications - indoors and in protected areas outdoors
* Perfect for monitoring stored products insects in retail stores with InVite lures
* Multiple securing options - can be mounted in any orientation
* Low profile, durable, tamper-resistant design keeps dust off glueboards and keeps them from getting "smushed"
* Keyless entry allows fast servicing - knockout holes for reapplying bait eliminates the need for opening the cover
* Available in professional white and convenient clear
* Included service labels can be placed inside or out

D-Sect™ IPM Station Uses/Applications:
* Baiting ants, cockroaches, crickets, and silverfish
* General/cockroach monitoring
* SPI pheromone monitoring and trapping
* Small (fruit, drain, phorid) fly trapping and killing
* Bed bug monitoring

Key Use Sites:
* Can be used in "no rodent glueboard" environments
* School IPM, daycare centers and homes
* In restaurants under bars and in display cases
* Semi-permanent installation in food and pharmaceutical processing plants, and distribution warehouses. Inserts in the station can be changed as needs dictate
* On pallets in transit to monitor for infested goods
* In retail stores on shelving behind pet food and grain products to monitor for SPIs

Beneficial Design Features:
* Use with 3-compartment baiting trays or glueboards
* Numerous uses for one station saves cost and space
* Discreet, measuring just 6 ¼" x 3 ½" x â…"
* Use indoors and in protected areas outdoors
* Available in professional white and convenient clear
* Tamper-resistant, heavy-duty, and "smush-proof "
* Keeps dust, moisture, and pets off glue
* Keyless entry for fast servicing
* Multiple securing options including four corner holes, center knock*out hole and spots on the back for double-sided tape, Hercules Putty, construction adhesive or Velcro
* Rebaiting knock-out holes on cover for refilling gel baits without opening.
* Included Service Labels can be placed inside or outside
* Can be mounted in any orientation on walls, floors etc.


New product
D-Sectâ„¢ IPM Station Brochure
D-Sectâ„¢ IPM Station Instruction Sheet

D-Sectâ„¢ IPM Station Size: white stations / clear stations / custom glueboards / baiting trays
D-Sectâ„¢ IPM Station Category: Tool, Station, IPM, Insect
D-Sectâ„¢ IPM Station Manufacturer: Rockwell Labs Ltd

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