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Synergetic Flypod Decorative Flylight

Synergetic Flypod Decorative Flylight


Synergetic Flypod Decorative Flylight

Flypod® Decorative Flylight

Flypod® Decorative Flylight incorporates several unique features to provide commercial effectiveness and domestic serviceability.

Flypod® Decorative Flylight Features:
* Patented rear glueboard removal provides ease of service for the user
* Unique cone shaped body traps fly inside before catching it on the pheromone impregnated glueboard
* Unique curved base sits flush to the desk top allowing flies to crawl up to the UV light source
* High efficacy UV bulbs
* Designed for use with GLUPAC® pheromone impregnated glueboards with UV stabilizer
* The polypropylene diffuser distributes the UV light throughout 180° whilst discrettly hiding caught flies
* With its stylish and compact design, Flypod® discreetly fits in with any front of house or domestic environment

Flypod® Decorative Flylight Uses/Applications:
Designed specifically to be quick and easy to service, Flypod® incorporates a patented rear glueboard removal system, ensuring the user doesn't come into contact with dead flies or the sticky glueboard.

Flypod® Decorative Flylight Target Pests:
Flying Insects.

New product

Dimensions: 12"H x 7¾"W x 6¾"D
Coverage: 323 ft²
Weight: 3¼ lbs
Power Requirement: 110V /18 Watt
Flylight Category: Fly Trap
Manufacturer: Synergetic

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